Episode 167: Live The Life of Your Dreams with Natalie Janji

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"No way I would have written a book if I hadn’t opened my dreaming brain to that possibility"

Natalie Janji

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Today on the Achieve Your Goals podcast, Natalie Janji is here to show you that by tapping into your dreaming brain, anything is possible!

Natalie Janji is the co-author of The Miracle Morning for College Students which recently launched as a new addition to The Miracle Morning book series. She is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA with a B.S. in Chemistry and a passion for helping others succeed.

Natalie knows the challenges of college life, and in The Miracle Morning for College Students, she shares from her wisdom and experience to help students achieve at their highest level. Natalie believes that students are the most powerful agents to change the world. She helps students think bigger and work harder to live the life of their dreams.

During this conversation, you’ll find out how Natalie (only 22 years of age) stepped into the unknown and made the decision to grab life big. She shares the story of first meeting Hal and how she convinced him to co-author the latest book in The Miracle Morning series.

You’ll also discover the power of asking great questions, how to overcome self-limiting beliefs, why you should start saying “No” more often, and the idea that nothing is impossible if you’re willing to dream big!


  • [02:20] Find out how Natalie first got introduced to Hal and how The Miracle Morning completely changed the trajectory of her life during the lowest moment of her college career.
  • [06:30] The story of how she landed a book deal with Hal and co-authored the latest book in The Miracle Morning series.
  • [09:30] Learning to say “No” so you can reclaim your time and energy.
  • [12:15] How to get out of your head, squash self-limiting beliefs, and finally take the steps towards the successful life you deserve!
  • [14:40] Why nothing is impossible if you’re willing to dream BIG!
  • [19:45] How to create the life you want by asking great questions.
  • [20:39] Parting advice from Natalie – Be bold and make the most of your life.


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