Episode 166: The 5-Minute Epic Evening Ritual To Resucceed with James Colburn

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"We owe it to ourselves to build fulfillment into our business plan."

James Colburn

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Today on the Achieve Your Goals podcast, James Colburn is here to talk about the 5-minute epic evening ritual that transformed his life and how it can help YOU find purpose and connect with what matters the most.

James Colburn has worked for more than two decades in executive and entrepreneurial roles in marketing, real estate, nonprofits, and consulting.

Along the way, his experience revealed to him the trap of success: After becoming his company’s top performer in sales, breaking records and selling tens of millions of dollars worth of real estate each year, he came to understand that conventional measures of achievement can keep even the best performers from finding fulfillment. He wrote RESUCCEED to share his insights with others so that they can fulfill their own potential.

James has a bachelor’s degree in business and a master’s degree in international community development. He and his wife, Maurita, are active in charitable work focused on families and global health. James is also a guest lecturer in the graduate program for global leadership and entrepreneurship at Northwest University. He lives with his wife and three children in the Seattle area.

In this powerful conversation, James breaks down his transformational evening ritual, including the BIG questions that are helping to solve the “purposeless epidemic.” His simple, yet highly effective process, will teach you how to embrace the life you have, tap into the joys of life, and redefine what it really means to be successful.


  • [02:44] On the outside it looked like he was living the million dollar dream, but his happiness was at an all time low! James shares the defining moments leading up to his new book and how he lost sight of what matters the most.
  • [05:56] The shocking question his coach asked that left him disgusted with how he was living his life.
  • [08:35] James explains why the topic of purpose is being discussed more today than ever before.
  • [11:28] The 5-minute epic evening ritual that’s solving the purposeless epidemic!
  • [13:50] Discover the 3 most powerful types of questions you can ask in order to answer the unanswerable.
  • [15:34] Why celebrating your existing moments of brilliance is so important.
  • [16:48] What’s the one thing you should focus on that makes everything else seem unimportant?
  • [17:10] The BIG question high achievers who are constantly chasing the next big thing should be asking themselves.
  • [20:41] Why leaning on your past accomplishments could be holding you back.
  • [23:23] How to use the rocking chair test to fully embrace the life you have and connect with what matters the most.


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