Episode 153: The (3) Not-So-Obvious Success Secrets: Generosity, Humility and Being Curious

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"Humility is not about weaknesses. Real humility comes from a place of strength."

Jon Berghoff

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In today’s episode of the AYG podcast, Jon Berghoff shares the unexpected origin story of how he and Hal Elrod first met, when they were teenagers, and then he provides you with his counter-intuitive secrets for sustaining massive success.

Jon starts out by taking a trip down memory lane and recounts how he and Hal first met back in 1999. You’ll find out why Hal moved across the country to live with Jon AND why they were embarrassingly forced to share a bed for 4 months!

During this session, Jon shares his real world experiences and reveals the habits held by those who are able to sustain success and fulfillment, over the long haul. You’ll learn about what the spirit of generosity can do for your life and business, how to use humility to your advantage, and why curiosity is so crucial to achieving greatness in all areas of your life.

You’ll also discover what a sense of adventure and an appreciation for nature can teach all of us about collectively achieving success.


  • [00:30] Jon provides context for why he’s filling in for Hal as the host for the AYG podcast. (Get the full scoop in episode 152)
  • [03:43] Jon shares the origin story of when he first met Hal way back in 1999.
  • [08:00] The power of generosity and using enlightened self-interest to design the life you’ve always wanted.
  • [13:00] Why you should stop treating hard work like it’s a badge of honor.
  • [17:00] The value of curiosity and creating magic moments.
  • [24:36] Why humility never comes from a place of weakness.
  • [26:20] What nature can teach us about being connected and succeeding together.
  • [31:40] How to tap into the wisdom you already have within you!
  • [32:40] QUESTION: What do you value in life? How can you find opportunities that behave in alignment with those values?


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