Episode 147: Is the AVID morning ritual better than the SAVERS? (Interview with Mike Merriam)

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Sometimes the best guests are the ones that offer us actionable lessons and strategies that we can extract and use to achieve amazing goals.  These thought leaders, thinkers, and knowledge distillers give us value because we can take action.  On this podcast you’ll get distinct strategies and morning rituals that you can implement immediately with our guest, Mike Merriam.

Mike Merriam is a husband, father, author, bio-hacker, and life enthusiast.  His work is focused on showing people how to stop living in the unhappy, unfulfilled, and disengaged majority by taking the time to understand and answer six fundamental questions.  He discusses these six fundamental questions in his new book, Closer Than You Think.

[02:41] About our guest, Mike Merriam

[04:57] Mike’s First Defining Goal

[08:10] Mike’s AVID Morning Ritual- Anchor, Visualize, Intentional action, and Debrief

[13:00] The reason behind the six questions you have to ask yourself

[15:54] Question #1: What are your core values?

[17:48] Question #2: What are your unique strengths?

[18:45] Question #3: What are your top priorities or motivations?

[19:17] A summary of the next three questions

[22:40] Official Launch date: November 14th

[24:15] Today’s Take Away: Our words create our worlds

Reach out to Mike at PersonalEvolutionPlan.com or text EVOLVE to 44222 for an overview of these topics.

It’s not too late to sign up for The Best Year Ever [BLUEPRINT] this year in San Diego!  Check it out at bestyeareverlive.com

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