Episode 134: RADICAL GENEROSITY: Why Appreciation Is Your Key to Success (with John Ruhlin)

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“Gift-giving results in a win-win.”

Hal Elrod

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Friends, today’s episode is a conversation with one of my best friends, John Ruhlin, and I’m grateful to be able to share his story, and his strategies for “Radical Generosity” with you.

This guy has taught me so much about appreciating others, personally and professionally, and his new book Giftology (and our podcast interview) give you the shortcut to gaining the wisdom that has taken him 20+ years to acquire.

Publications like Forbes and INC Magazine have deemed him the world’s leading expert in a topic that we can all learn more about – “Appreciation.”

You may not have even known that there was a study of gift-giving – What’s there to study anyway, right?

Giving gifts has become so automated in our culture that we have to remind ourselves to actually put thought into them, and even when we do, the thoughts often end up being more about ourselves than the recipient – we’re good people, so what gives?? Like everything else in our lives, learning to give personalized, thoughtful gifts, is a practice, and you won’t want to miss John’s masterful insights about it.

In this episode, you will…

  • Realize why giving things away is the best way to ‘get’ what you seek!
  • Understand how to make gifts about the recipient, rather than yourself
  • Learn about radical generosity and how to incorporate it into your life and business!
  • Hear how gift giving allows you to become a fixture in the recipient’s mind
  • Discover the amazing difference it makes in your life to show gratitude, often

Tune in to learn how thoughtful giving can begin transforming your life, and the lives of the people you begin giving to.

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