Episode 100: How to Become #1 in the World (Interview with Pat Hiban)

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In this economy, it’s more important now than ever to have multiple streams of income. No one is better proof of this than the founder of Gobundance, author, and top producing real estate agent, Pat Hiban.

As of this interview, Pat has a total of forty-seven different streams of income, ensuring his success regardless of the economic climate. Today, I have the chance of speaking to Pat about his journey from selling just ten houses a year to becoming the #1 real estate agent.

In this episode, you will…

  • Be inspired by Pat’s humble beginnings and how he overcame failures on his way to success
  • Discover Pat’s top three goal achieving strategies
  • Find out what goals he was tracking on his way to becoming #1
  • Hear what the difference is between mentors and masterminds and why they’re both vital to achieving your goals
  • Learn more about Gobundance, how it offers more than just business advice, and why I’m telling all of my friends to join Pat in Lake Tahoe

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