445: Eating for Energy and Longevity

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eating for longevity

Are you intentionally eating in a way that optimizes your energy and increases your chance of living a long, healthy life?

Optimizing my diet for energy and longevity has been a huge passion of mine for over 20 years now. And yet, I was diagnosed with cancer. So, what did I learn from what I did right and what I could have done better?

Today, I want to share my journey with you and some simple strategies you can implement to upgrade your diet to optimize your energy and longevity. And if you don’t think you have time to cook and eat a healthy diet, or that eating organic foods is too expensive, that’s totally understandable. But I want to give you the opportunity to learn how some simple dietary changes can make a huge difference in your life.


  • Why it’s probably cheaper to eat organic than you think.
  • What makes it so hard to manage our energy levels over the course of a day.
  • Why so many doctors don’t take nutrition seriously–and how this can lead to serious health consequences.
  • How people have used their nutrition as part of a plan to reverse diabetes, bring cancer into remission, and maintain better overall health.
  • Why I stopped being vegan.
  • How to identify and eliminate the foods that aren’t serving your health or energy.


Organifi makes the highest quality nutritional products, which are made from whole food ingredients (not synthetic vitamins) that I enjoy nearly every day, and have for many years. Visit Organifi.com/Hal, and use the code HAL at checkout to get 20% off of your entire order. I hope you find something there that you love! :^)

Rise by CURED Nutrition is a natural supplement made from CBD, Lions Mane and Ginseng (among others) that helps boost energy, performance and cognitive function. There’s no caffeine, no jitters and most importantly, no crash. Visit CuredNutrition.com/Hal and receive 20% off of your entire order. They have tons of other products as well, hopefully you’ll find something that works for you. :^)




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