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427: Evolving Toward Emotional Enlightenment

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“The degree that we resist reality determines the degree of emotional pain that we feel.”

Hal Elrod

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What does it mean to move from emotional reactivity to Emotional Enlightenment? How do you go from unconsciously allowing outside forces to determine your emotional state to consciously choosing which emotion best serves you in any given moment or situation?

For over 20 years, this has been an area of focus for me. I’ve learned how to accept what I can’t change, to experience painful emotions in a state of peace and extract maximum value from them, and move on as soon as it makes sense to do so.

In this episode, I want to share with you why Emotional Enlightenment matters. I want to talk about the tools and paradigms that helped me take control of my emotional state, teach you how to optimize yours, and give you the opportunity to experience a guided emotional optimization meditation–something I’ve never done on the podcast before.


  • Why every painful emotion we’ve ever experienced is self-created.
  • How the five-minute rule and the Can’t Change It philosophy led to breakthroughs in my life.
  • Why being in a state of peace diminishes our emotional pain and makes tragedy, trauma, and loss easier to navigate.
  • How emotional invincibility can become a handicap–and the extraordinary challenge I faced that led me to emotional enlightenment.
  • How emotional optimization meditation works, why I love it, and how to do it.


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