412: The Easiest Way to Achieve Your Goals

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“When you predetermine which routines will enable you to reach your goals, success is as simple as doing the same things at the same times each day.”

Hal Elrod

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A mentor of mine once told me, “Set your life to consistent rhythms—it’s the only way to freedom.” Once you’ve set your goals, how do you set yourself up with consistent rhythms to achieve them? What are the rituals and routines that will enable you to succeed, and how do you schedule them into your day?

Last week, we talked about living life in a rhythm of 30-day challenges to consistently improve individual aspects of your life, month after month.

In today’s episode, I’m following that up with a deep dive into how creating the appropriate rituals and routines for your goals makes achieving them A LOT easier. Not only is this one of the easiest ways to achieve your goals, but you’ll learn how to make this approach a part of your daily practice AND stick with it!


  • How a 30-day challenge allows you to make a habit automatic—and what makes the first 10 days of adopting any new habit so difficult.
  • Why I have to organize my life into daily routines to achieve my goal—and how this helps me stay productive despite severe ADHD and memory struggles.
  • How to create a foundational schedule that incorporates all my daily activities, routines, and rituals while giving myself free time and space for my family.
  • What my own daily routines and rituals look like—and why I don’t get bored doing (and eating) the same foods almost every day.


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