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    [Download] The NEW Miracle Morning 30-Day Challenge: Be sure to read Hal's Welcome Letter, and The Miracle Morning FAST START PLAN to get you going!

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    [Download] The Miracle Morning Bedtime Affirmations: Read these right before going to sleep for more energy in the mornings for your Miracle Morning!

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    [Download] The Miracle Morning Level 10 Success Affirmations: This can give you a start for your Affirmations during your Miracle Mornings!

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    [Download] The Miracle Morning Sample Journal: Print out this sample journal to give you one month of Scribing space, as well as weekly SAVERS trackers, reflection exercises, and more.

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    [Download] Hal's Personal Affirmations: This is a version of what Hal affirms each day, to use for crafting your own Affirmations.

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    [Download] Hal's Live to 100+ Smoothie Recipe: Start your day with this delicious, energizing smoothie that will also enhance your health and vitality!

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    [Download] Hal's Recommended Book List: Want some ideas to get your Reading going for your S.A.V.E.R.S.? Here are some of the books that Hal recommends!

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