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432: How to Create Your Next Breakthrough with David Nurse

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David Nurse

Are there areas of your life that you’d like to have a significant breakthrough in, such your business, your career, your health, your income, an important relationship, a challenge you’re facing, or your overall happiness and emotional well-being?

If you answered “yes” (and I’m assuming you did), do you have a process, a formula, or a system in place that enables you to intentionally and consistently create breakthroughs? If you don’t have a process, or maybe your process just hasn’t gotten you where you want to go, this episode is for you.

Today, I’m bringing you an expert at helping people create those breakthroughs—my good friend, David Nurse. David is a life and optimization coach with the NBA. He’s coached the Brooklyn Nets, delivered keynotes all over the world, and his new book is titled, Breakthrough: A Sure-Fire Guide to Realizing Your Potential, Pushing Through Limitations, and Achieving Things You Didn’t Know Were Possible.

In today’s conversation, we discuss how he made a name for himself by breaking a Guinness world record, frameworks and strategies you can use to realize your potential in any area of life, and how to implement them as part of your daily practice.


  • Why David always implements a morning routine with his athletes.
  • The importance of being content and appreciating your life, and staying hungry at the same time.
  • The mental cues, tools, and tactics David uses to navigate negativity, envy, and fear.
  • How writing one letter helped David transform his life and helped him become a shooting coach for the Brooklyn Nets after getting cut from a semi-pro team in Spain, moving back in with his parents, and feeling like he’d never make it as a professional basketball player.
  • How living with confidence, cooperation, and purpose sets you up to create breakthroughs–and why consistency is the most critical element to achieving success. 


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  1. Loved the episode with David Nurse – How to Create Your Next Breakthrough. Enjoyed hearing you guys discuss being satisfied with where you are while creating new things, which is something I contemplate a lot because it sometimes seems like those things are contradictory. I’m gradually seeing that being fully present and appreciating where we are actually helps us move forward and that they aren’t two separate things. I’m reading The Art of Being While Becoming by Vladimir Chen which also addresses this question. I’ve been finding it super helpful. Thank you David Nurse! Thank you, Hal! Love your podcast!!

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