Inspiring Your Kids to Do The Miracle Morning with Carolyn and Elliott Bostrack

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Carolyn and Elliott Bostrack

Building a healthy and vibrant family is all about bringing the best out of yourself and your kids. And today, I’m excited to share this conversation with an amazing mother and son duo who are definitely bringing the best out of each other.

Carolyn Bostrack is the author of F.I.E.R.C.E., and the founder of FIERCE Academy. Carolyn was an early adopter of The Miracle Morning, and you’ll hear how her amazing 11-year-old son, Elliott, has embraced it and how their morning routine has transformed their lives as a family.

You’ll learn how the SAVERS can support your family during those hectic and stressful times and how to inspire your kids to get excited about doing The Miracle Morning. Best of all, you’ll discover the practices that don’t just get you ready to tackle any of life’s challenges but also help your family achieve new levels of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

P.S. I’m giving away 4 autographed copies of The Miracle Morning book. If you’d like to win a copy, you can enter the contest by sending a video of your child sharing their 30-day Miracle Morning journey via email to and use the hashtag #KidsMiracleMorningChallenge


  • Turning the Miracle Morning into a game your kids want to play, not an item on their to-do list
  • Strive for progress, not perfection
  • How music can help you create the perfect Miracle Morning routine
  • The best strategy for onboarding your kids to The Miracle Morning
  • Raising little leaders who know how to lift others up




“Through implementing the Miracle Morning, I was able to discover that I could create a life that had balance and that I could find more answers for my boy.”

“I think about the impact that the Miracle Morning has had on my life. I'm always in a good mood when I do it every day but if I teach it to my kids, then it'll teach them how to be better.”



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Hal Elrod: Hello, friends. Welcome to the Achieve Your Goals podcast. I am your host, Hal Elrod. And boy, when I say today is a special episode, I am not exaggerating. We’re talking about inspiring your kids to do The Miracle Morning with Carolyn and her son, Elliott Bostrack, and they sent me a video. Probably it’s been a few months now. We’ve had to reschedule a couple of times on the show. But we did the episode. We just recorded it, and it was such a delight. Elliott is 11 years old, and he does the SAVERS on a daily basis, not every day but you’ll hear about the flexibility in their family’s routine. But he’s done it for the last few years, and it’s changed his life. First, the Miracle Morning changed Carolyn’s life. She is the author of the book, F.I.E.R.C.E: Transform your Life in the Face of Adversity, 5 Minutes at a Time!

And I saw her speak at an event. I was so blown away by her message that I asked her to speak at my live event, The Best Year Ever Blueprint. It’s probably been five or six years ago, and I’m excited to introduce you to both her and her son on today’s podcast. And this is a conversation with both of them. You’ll notice Elliott, her son, not only is he well-spoken, he has a lot of wisdom but he likes to talk. So, actually, he takes most of the conversation from his mom. But if you are a parent and you’ve got kids, even if you don’t, you’re going to enjoy this but if you are a parent, you have kids, you wondered, “How do you get him to do the Miracle Morning?” You’re going to hear how Carolyn has done this with her family and both her 11-year-old son, Elliott, and her 14-year-old son, all three of them do the Miracle Morning together.

And you’re going to learn today fun activities to do in the morning that are not part of the SAVERS, how she onboarded Elliott and got him excited to do it. You’ll hear Elliott’s perspective on what he felt excited about. So, it’s just a really, really fun, informative episode today about inspiring your kids to do the Miracle Morning.

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And without further ado, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to the one or the two and only Carolyn and Elliott Bostrack talking about inspiring kids, your kids, to do the Miracle Morning. Enjoy!


Hal Elrod: Carolyn and Elliott, it is so great to be with you right now.

Elliott Bostrack: Yeah.

Carolyn Bostrack: Yeah. Same here. Thanks for having us.

Hal Elrod: Carolyn, you actually were on Episode 277 many years ago. It was From Poverty to PhD. We talked about your background and the adversity that you overcame to be where you are today and helping so many people, a lot of women specifically. And today’s episode, you sent me a video of Elliott. So, Elliott, you were the star of this video. In fact, I think you were the only one in it. And it was of you talking about your Miracle Morning, how you do the SAVERS every day. Elliott, you remember that video?

Elliott Bostrack: Yeah.

Hal Elrod: Now, let me ask you, and I wasn’t planning on starting here but this is what’s coming up for me. What inspired you, Elliott, to record a video of you doing? Because you were literally doing your Miracle Morning. You were talking about it like, first, I do silence, and then it was showing you meditating. And then you said, “Then I do my affirmations.” Then it was showing you reading your affirmations. What inspired you to record that video?

Elliott Bostrack: Well, I knew that if people found out that this is what they would be doing afterwards, then people would definitely be racing to do it. And I knew that I’m already very good at video editing. I edited the whole thing myself.

Hal Elrod: Wow.

Elliott Bostrack: I mean, the shots that I wasn’t holding the camera with my mom, but like I knew that people would be racing to do this. And if I wouldn’t do it now, then other people would do it, you know?

Hal Elrod: Yeah. No, that’s incredible. And by the way, the fact that you edited that video, it was professionally edited. Like, you’re 11 years old, right?

Elliott Bostrack: Yeah.

Hal Elrod: And you’re editing video. When did you learn how to do that? How did that come about?

Elliott Bostrack: Well, I’ve been doing this thing. So, first, I started out with this program on my iPad called iMovie, and then I looked around and found this new one called, VLLO, which I thought was really, really great. And then two years ago, my friend showed me this program called CapCut, and now that’s what I’m currently using to this day. And I’ve been editing for like four years total. No, actually five years.

Hal Elrod: So, iMovie is where you started, though?

Elliott Bostrack: Yeah. And the first editing I ever did was my first ever channel. And it was on this old laptop and I added one feature and I considered that pro editing.

Hal Elrod: Now, you said your channel. Was it like a YouTube channel?

Elliott Bostrack: Yeah.

Hal Elrod: Do you still have a YouTube channel right now?

Elliott Bostrack: Yeah. It’s a different one, though.

Hal Elrod: Okay. I’ll have to check it out because my son also just started a YouTube channel. So, how many subscribers do you have? I’m just curious.

Elliott Bostrack: On my current one, 126. But that one, three years of making YouTube, it only got 36.

Hal Elrod: Well, hey, 126, that is amazing. You’re on your way. Let me shift gears. I want to talk to your mom for a minute. Carolyn, so again, we had you on Episode 277, and that was really talking about your story, your journey, the adversity you’ve overcome. And I encourage anybody to go listen to that again from you are such an inspiration as somebody that had every excuse to be like, “I’m going to give up or I’m going to be a victim.” And you rose above and now you help other women through your company, FIERCE, do the same. I guess I’d love maybe if you want to even just share like a synopsis of some just like high level of some of the adversity you’ve overcome. And then I really want to hear how that led into or how the Miracle Morning became part of your life. So, now you’ve inspired Elliott do the Miracle Morning but I want to hear like your personal Miracle Morning journey and how you got there.

Carolyn Bostrack: Yes. So, my personal Miracle Morning journey was really I would call a Holy Spirit moment. And so, I was traveling quite a bit with my work all over and my boy here, Mr. Elliott, he was a baby and he was quite sick with a very rare lung condition, and I was exhausted. I had just gotten back from a long trip, sat down on my work desk, and I thought, “I need some answers.” And in that moment, I sat, I prayed, and the word self-development popped up in my mind. I’m like, “Okay, whatever that is, I’m going to type it in.” I typed it into Amazon, popped up your book with over 100 reviews, and…

Hal Elrod: What year was this, by the way?

Carolyn Bostrack: This was like the first year that your book came out.

Hal Elrod: 2012, 2013?

Carolyn Bostrack: Actually, no. 2014-2015 makes it early then. I believe it was 2015, actually. And I popped in the word, there is your book, 100 reviews. I’m like, “What do I got to lose? I’m going to do it.” I did that 2 click 2 days in Amazon. It came in the mail and I sat down. I told my husband at the time, I’m like, “I’m going to read this book,” and I sat down and read it in one reading.

Hal Elrod: In one sitting?

Carolyn Bostrack: One sitting. Yeah. It was the right message, the right messenger. Thank you, Hal. I needed answers and that was the right message, right messenger and I implemented the Miracle Morning immediately. Through implementing the Miracle Morning, I was able to discover that I could create a life that had balance and that I could find more answers for my boy. So, Mr. Elliott here, he had at that time a compression vest and eight different medications. And we were going to mail often trying to get answers, along with me traveling quite a bit. And in that moment, as I practiced the Miracle Morning, I realized that I could shift and change, and we were able to shift the way we eat. We were able to add the Miracle Morning to the way that we live.

And fast forward to today, Elliott is on zero medications and a compression vest here or there. And so, truly implementing how you do a Miracle Morning as a family helped change the outcomes for us overall.

Hal Elrod: That’s incredible.

Carolyn Bostrack: Thank you. Thank you. Your message has become a way of life for us, and that’s how Elliott is practicing the Miracle Morning.

Hal Elrod: So, that’s where you had. That’s the element that I really want to move into, which is so you discovered the Miracle Morning. It was transformative for you, in your business and, obviously, I know a little bit about some of the things that you’ve done since then. But what I’m curious about is how did Elliott, how did you get Elliott on board? And by the way, you have two other kids. You have a 25-year-old daughter. You have a 14-year-old, another son. And then Elliott’s 11. Twelve in July, though, right, buddy?

Elliott Bostrack: Yeah. 12 in June.

Hal Elrod: Oh, in June, even sooner. Great. So, same age as my son, Halston. So, Carolyn, when and how did you inspire Elliot to start doing the Miracle Morning?

Carolyn Bostrack: So, I’ve been practicing the Miracle Morning, and my kiddos, they witnessed how it’s changed my life from starting writing my book, creating FIERCE, and now, actually, later today, I get the honor of representing and sharing women that FIERCE has impacted over the years at the UN, United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. And it’s like truly, Hal, your message has impacted so many starting with that one Holy Spirit moment. And so, I feel that through being able to witness how I do the Miracle Morning and the transitions that I’ve made for myself, my boys were like, “Ooh, what are you doing?” And then we started practicing the Miracle Morning together as a family, going to Front Row Foundation, and then through 1Life and within those communities, the boys and Bronte started practicing the Miracle Morning.

And as we’ve done that, particularly as a family who navigates on neurodiversity and all kinds of different things within our whole world, we were able to become very strong together practicing the Miracle Morning. So, then that’s where the boys came in and they’re like, “Yeah!” We want to do Brianna’s coloring book when they were younger, and they still do it today as part of their Miracle Morning and then journaling and we practice Lindsay and Mike’s Miracle Morning for Families. And we have our weekends where we get away and we do our star charts and our family values and it’s been a fun journey.

Elliott Bostrack: Something I really like to do is to just spend some time just like coloring in that coloring book. Doing it is pretty fun because I like to see if I can outdo my last artistry thing.

Hal Elrod: Nice.

Elliott Bostrack: So, try to get as creative as possible.

Hal Elrod: Just keep getting better and better.

Elliott Bostrack: Yeah. And it’s useful for both activities. You can either do it for creativity or you can do it for affirmations because these are affirmations in the book.

Hal Elrod: Yeah. For anyone listening that’s not clear on what this coloring book is, it’s the Miracle Morning Art of Affirmations coloring book, which is a coloring book that has affirmations in it based on my affirmations and my quotes and such. And Brianna Greenspan, our mutual friend, she is the one that really created that. And adults and kids can color together so it’s pretty cool. And then you mentioned Miracle Morning for Parents. Oh, Elliot’s holding it up if you all are watching this on YouTube. Anyway, open it up. I want to see. Is that one colored in yet?

Elliott Bostrack: I think so. I think there are a couple of colored-in ones that I like.

Carolyn Bostrack: I think you might have pulled them out.

Hal Elrod: Oh, you pull them out.

Elliott Bostrack: Oh, yeah. I usually like to pull them out but if I left one in the book… I think I pulled all of the ones I colored out. There’s really cool ones. I like this one, the giraffe one. I don’t know if I’ve done this before. It might be backwards but it says I stand up for what is important to me.

Hal Elrod: I love that. I love that. Elliott, so when your mom, when you saw her doing Miracle Morning, the SAVERS, or when she told you about it, do you remember? Like, were you like, “Yeah, I want to try this,” or was she encouraging you like, “Hey, we should try this?” Do you remember, like, what was that like? And the reason I’m asking, by the way, Elliott, just so you know, there are so many moms and dads out there that come to me all the time and they go, “Wow. The Miracle Morning is changing my life but I would love for my kids to do it. How do I get my kids to do it?” And that’s why you are the expert, Elliott, as the kid who does the Miracle Morning consistently. How did you do? Do you remember what got you excited to try it?

Elliott Bostrack: Well, I saw my mom started doing it, and that was on my own free will. I was like, “Wow. I want to do this too. That looks pretty cool,” like going on the grind and everything. But like something that could inspire kids, like it could be like a huge contest like, “You guys can do the Miracle Morning for like a trip to this place or something,” like something that could really inspire the kids. Or if you’re trying to make somebody like if you look excited while doing it or talking about it. And also, if they think of it as chores, then you could kind of make it better like you could explain how they color in a cool coloring book or you could make your own journal. Have you ever read like Diary of a Wimpy Kid? This would be like more a positive version, like draw your drawings and about your life.

Hal Elrod: Those are all your drawings, Elliott?

Elliott Bostrack: Yep.

Hal Elrod: Wow. Elliott, I want to highlight some of the things that you just said because I think there was really some valuable wisdom in there. There were some tips. The first one is you said if you talk about the Miracle Morning in an excited way, right? And that’s something I learned when I was younger that enthusiasm is contagious, right? If you’re excited about something and if other people go like they feel that energy. So, I think that’s such an important point for all of us is to really be enthusiastic about the ideas or things that we want to share with our family or anybody that we want to maybe try the Miracle Morning or anything, try this food, try an exercise routine. The enthusiasm is so important. And then you talked about what I would call ethical bribes, right? Which is like, “Hey, if we do a Miracle Morning 30-day challenge, we can go on this trip or we can go to the arcade, or we could go to…” like whatever the kids are excited about.

Elliott Bostrack: Yeah. Especially if you make like really good food to be part of it, then yeah.

Hal Elrod: Is that your secret or is that the secret weapon for Elliott is the food? Get some good food in there?

Elliott Bostrack: Yeah. You know, sometimes I like to bake for creativity.

Hal Elrod: What’s your favorite food?

Elliott Bostrack: My favorite food? I have a lot of foods that I like.

Hal Elrod: All right. Like top 2 or 3.

Elliott Bostrack: Top two or three?

Hal Elrod: Or they don’t have to be the best ones but two or three of your favorites.

Elliott Bostrack: There are so many. The thing is like at the time of day, my opinion changes. It’s so weird. Right now, it’s like pizza.

Hal Elrod: That’s good to be aware of that, though. That’s good self-awareness. Carolyn, so I want to ask, like getting into some of the practices, what are some fun activities that families can do together in the morning to start the day off right? So, meaning like, how can they make their Miracle Morning fun? Are there things outside of the SAVERS, right? Because to me, the Miracle Morning is like the concept of waking up and starting your day in a positive way. The SAVERS are like a framework of here’s six practices to apply. However, I always say like it’s not stuck to that. It’s not rigid. It’s like you can do whatever you want in your Miracle Morning, as long as it helps you start your day in a positive mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual way. So, what are some fun activities that families can do to start their day?

Carolyn Bostrack: Yes. So, each morning for us, what we do is we play the Miracle Morning playlist at Spotify that Josh created and we go through, I mean, there are so many different songs and so that’s how we wake up in the morning. And so, right away we’re doing affirmations in the morning. Doing that makes it fun. It sets the tone for the day. Then, another thing that’s really fun is that we use, you had mentioned, it’s that seven-minute timer.

Hal Elrod: Workout. Yeah.

Carolyn Bostrack: Workout timer. Yep. We do that. Keep it fun. We walk the dog and then make a fun breakfast and do something that’s healthy but then also creative. So, we might make a different kind of smoothie or something that’s like extra special. So, it might be like a special kind of tea. It might be a special kind of snack, something like that. And so, that’s been fun. And then other ways to make it fun is when we are planning how we take in Lindsay and Mike’s book with the family, Miracle Morning for Parents and Families.

Hal Elrod: The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families. Yeah.

Carolyn Bostrack: We do fun things like Elliott was saying. So, we’ll say, “Okay. Well, let’s do our Miracle Morning, and maybe in the afternoon, we’ll do exercise for a hike after we’re done with school, that kind of thing.

Hal Elrod: So, let me ask some logistical questions. Do you do this? Is it just the weekends with the kids or is it Monday through Friday or is it seven days a week? How often?

Carolyn Bostrack: It’s on and off. So, sometimes.

Hal Elrod: That’s fair.

Carolyn Bostrack: Sometimes it’s in the morning. Sometimes it’s on the weekend. In the summers, it’s consistent. You do it every day because we can sleep in a little bit.

Hal Elrod: And that’s my other logistical question is what time like during the summer or if it’s done during the school week or the weekend, is it whenever everybody wakes up, like on those times where we don’t have school, or is it like, “All right, guys. We’re going to do the Miracle Morning at 9 a.m. today,” or how do you typically approach that?

Carolyn Bostrack: Yeah. So, during the school day, we have our music, we have our journaling, our affirmations, and then we do like a quick like let’s do some squats or some push-ups or something fun and make it like a competition. And then we can save. We do the Miracle Morning Evening. We do that in the evening. So, then we split it up a little bit so that it’s Miracle Morning abbreviated version during the week. And then at night we do our Miracle Evening, and then we talk about, “Okay. What do we need to do to prep for our Miracle Morning the next day?” But it’s very abbreviated like our Miracle Morning in the morning during the week during the school year is probably maybe a total of maybe 15 minutes, 20 minutes. Now, on the weekends, we do it longer and we can go for hikes and those types of things. And then in the summer, it’s more like an 8:00 and then we do longer ones. So, we’ll hop on the treadmill.

Elliott Bostrack: You know, waking up early is pretty fun but some people have pretty early school, so I typically like to do the miracle afternoon if I don’t have time.

Hal Elrod: I love that. Yeah. Any time of day, right, you can do your SAVERS. I love this. So, there’s flex. What I’m getting is, right, there’s flexibility. It doesn’t have to be rigid that you can do an abbreviated version during the week, 15 minutes. And I thought we’re going to say five minutes. That’s what I was thinking. So, 15 to actually that’s a good chunk of time. And some days maybe it is five, right?

Carolyn Bostrack: Yeah. Some days it is. I mean, with the Miracle Morning music and the affirmation music, that really adds into as we’re heading in.

Hal Elrod: What I love about that is like, yeah, you’re getting outside of the SAVERS. So, the Miracle Morning playlist on Spotify, I encourage everybody to listen to that. Our friend Josh Eidenberg, who is the head of Miracle Morning App Development, he created that playlist and it’s fantastic. Just so much positive music. And what I love is that’s something that like I don’t really talk about music at all, I don’t think in the book, but if you think about it, if all you did for a Miracle Morning was while you all were in the kitchen making lunches or getting ready for school, if you had positive music on that filled your mind with positive thoughts and focus, that’s a Miracle Morning, right? That’s starting your day in a peak physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state, just utilizing music.

So, I think that for people to understand not to feel rigid around the SAVERS or in Mike and Lindsay McCarthy’s book, The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families, they do the CHARMS, right? They modified the acronym. But either way, it doesn’t have to be rigid. It can be flexible. And I think don’t beat ourselves up for not being perfect. So, in terms of onboarding our kids, how can parents help kids understand why having a Miracle Morning routine is important to them? How would you onboard your child?

Elliott Bostrack: Well, are you asking my mom because I can also say I’m a child.

Hal Elrod: Either one of you can take any of these questions. Elliott, I feel like you’ve got an answer.

Elliott Bostrack: Okay. So, like if I was going to onboard somebody, it would be like with what they’re interested in. You know what speedruns are? They’re like these challenges where you try to do something pretty quick but I wouldn’t recommend that because you got to take in the impact of the Miracle Morning. But if a kid is interested in that kind of stuff, you could say, “Hey, let’s speedrun the Miracle Morning. Let’s do all this stuff.” And maybe they could quickly do it.

Hal Elrod: So, I love it. So, you’re finding out, I mean, it’s such an important lesson. You have so much wisdom, Elliott, and I’m so impressed by you. You guys missed it if you didn’t watch YouTube. He just pointed at his brain with both fingers. Yes, the wisdom within. But no, it’s such an important point, which is for any of us is whether it’s an adult or a kid, it’s aligned with what’s important to them. Right? What’s important to you and how can the Miracle Morning help you to become the person that you need to be to achieve whatever it is that you want in your life? Elliott or Carolyn, can you share some exciting activities from the Miracle Morning that you think kids would enjoy? I know you just mentioned speedruns. I’m not familiar, but, Elliott, go ahead.

Elliott Bostrack: Something I like to do for Miracle Morning that’s pretty exciting, probably like the exercise part because exercise can be like anything, you know? It could be like running outside for a couple of minutes using the treadmill, maybe even doing some powerlifting.

Hal Elrod: Nice. Do you work out, Elliot?

Elliott Bostrack: Yeah, every Tuesday and Wednesday. We’re probably going to do Thursdays this week. I go to the gym with one of my mom’s workers.

Hal Elrod: Oh, that’s so cool. Me and my son, Halston, just started working out in the gym about three weeks ago. Yeah. It’s so good.

Carolyn Bostrack: Yeah. And so, I feel that with the opportunity. So, yeah, Monday. What was that? Yesterday’s leg day.

Elliott Bostrack: Yeah. Yesterday was leg day. No, Wednesdays are our upper body day where I do some pull-ups and push-ups and some stuff.

Hal Elrod: You know what they say about leg day. Don’t miss leg day.

Carolyn Bostrack: That’s right.

Hal Elrod: Don’t skip leg day.

Carolyn Bostrack: Don’t skip leg day.

Elliott Bostrack: The bad thing is I have to look like I’m 14 at all costs.

Carolyn Bostrack: So, I think to also answer your question, Hal, for getting families excited and the Miracle Morning is an important piece for us because, as you know, being an entrepreneur, a parent, so many people may be listening as parents, they can get away and it can get wild. And having the opportunity for quality time. And we’ve made it so that the Miracle Morning is our quality time so that we have that check-in every day. We have that check-in every night because it gets wild. Like, being a parent, being an entrepreneur, also having my own nonprofit, and then being mom, right? And so, having that opportunity to connect and check in and just be in the same space together, practicing, being our best selves, and setting ourselves up for the day. It’s that opportunity. And the thing is, is like we’ve noticed it within our family taking care of our mental well-being.

Hal Elrod: Yeah.

Carolyn Bostrack: When we have that opportunity to connect like that, we have the opportunity to really check in and have that space for, “What are our goals? How are we doing? What are our values? Where are we at?” And then also just having fun doing it.

Hal Elrod: That’s awesome. That’s awesome. And, Elliott, you are 11 now. And either one, you can answer this, but how many years ago did you all start the Miracle Morning together? Do you know? Like, how old was Elliott when you started? Was it this year or was it a while ago before that?

Elliott Bostrack: My earliest memories of the Miracle Morning were back like in 2018 when…

Hal Elrod: Really?

Elliott Bostrack: That’s when I was like a little kid and I lived in La Crescent.

Carolyn Bostrack: Or you’re doing the Cosmic Kids Yoga and stuff like that.

Elliott Bostrack: Oh, yeah. I remember Cosmic Kids Yoga. That was so fun.

Hal Elrod: I used to do that when my son was that same… We were probably doing the Cosmic Kids Yoga, Elliott, at the exact same time. You and your mom, me and my kids, we’re probably doing Cosmic Kids Yoga. And everybody listening, that’s on YouTube and it’s free yoga videos where they really stimulate kids’ imagination with costumes and music and make yoga fun. Yeah, that’s a really cool thing. So, what else was I going to ask y’all? Oh, I want to ask you, Carolyn. Does your 14-year-old son also do the Miracle Morning to this day?

Carolyn Bostrack: Yeah, he sure does.

Hal Elrod: Gosh, we’ve got to have an off… Yeah. Because my kids used to do it. My daughter’s now a 14-year-old teenager, obviously, and she’s like, “I don’t want to do the Miracle Morning, dad. That’s your thing.” And I’m like, “Ah, breaking my heart.” And then her brother always kind of follows what she does. So, it’s like, “Ah, okay.” So, I’m like trying to go, “Okay, Hal,” and if I should get them back into it but it’s because it’s so close to me, right? Like, I’m the author of it. That’s dad’s work thing. Why is he projecting it on us? Making us do it, you know? So, as they’ve gotten older, I’ve had challenges with it. Well, let’s do this. Elliott, what are you looking forward to with the Miracle Morning moving forward? And when I ask that question, what I mean is, like, do you see yourself doing the Miracle Morning for the rest of your life, teaching it to your kids maybe? What do you see as the future of your Miracle Mornings?

Elliott Bostrack: Well, as I got older, I do more advanced versions, like I used to do CHARMS. And that’s why I talk about creativity and I do SAVERS. And eventually, I think the impact it did on my life, I mean, I’m always in a good mood when I do it every day but like if I teach it to my kids, then it’ll teach them how to be better.

Hal Elrod: Awesome. Well, Elliott, you are an inspiration. You’ve inspired me. You’ve inspired your mom, for sure. Your video, I’m sure, is inspiring lots of other kids. And, Carolyn, anything else that you would like to share about the future of your Miracle Mornings or, Elliott, just anything else that you think would be important or on your heart to share?

Elliott Bostrack: Yeah. So, kids would also be like there’s a 30-day challenge kind of thing. I think we already went over that. But like if you complete it, like the first one to complete it would get like or like when I’m picked would be able to go to someplace but, yeah.

Carolyn Bostrack: So, he’s saying he wanted, he’s like, “Wouldn’t it be cool, mom, if other kids saw my video and I could give them a challenge to do their own so they could do their own Miracle Morning and then submit videos of them doing their Miracle Morning, do like the Miracle Morning challenge for kids.

Elliott Bostrack: And the best one would get like a cool trip to somewhere.

Hal Elrod: Ooh, okay. Do we have anywhere to submit those videos? I’m trying to think how we could do this. Actually, so here’s what we’re going to do. Elliott, let’s do this challenge right now and see if anybody listening will take up your 30-day challenge. And let me make sure I have it right. So, here’s what we’ll do. Everybody listening, if you do the Miracle Morning for 30 days with your kids, and it doesn’t have to be perfect. You might not get it every day. It also might be like a Monday through Friday or just a weekend thing, whatever works for your family, customize it for you. But if you do the Miracle Morning for 30 days and then have just record your son or daughter sharing their experience at the end, and it could be I’d say keep the video 30 seconds to 2 minutes, somewhere in that range, and then email your video to And in the subject line put “Kids 30-day challenge video.”

Elliott Bostrack: Yeah. Like, hashtag like or on YouTube #Kids30DayChallenge. Do you think that hashtag would have been taken or something?

Hal Elrod: I don’t know. We put Miracle Morning. How about Kids Miracle Morning Challenge? #Kids…

Elliott Bostrack: Or we could make it even short. How about we make something shorter like #Hal30Days or something?

Hal Elrod: I like that, Elliott. I’m thinking though we should tell… I think we want the hashtag, though, at least to tell people what it is. So, if we do #MiracleMorning30Day, what was it? #KidsMiracleMorningChallenge. That was it.

Elliott Bostrack: Yeah.

Hal Elrod: #KidsMiracleMorningChallenge. Okay. Yeah. And then when you email your video, in the subject line, do #KidsMiracleMorningChallenge. And then, Elliott, we’re going to do like a random drawing. Any ideas on what people will win? And I’ve got some ideas if you don’t have any.

Elliott Bostrack: I mean, they could win a new device, all techie, or they could win a trip to somewhere.

Hal Elrod: Now, are you sponsoring this? Are you paying for this trip, Elliott? I need to know the details.

Elliott Bostrack: Mom. Yeah. Mom’s going to be paying.

Hal Elrod: Why don’t we do this? Elliott, here’s what we’ll do. We’re going to pick one winner from this and, again, email with your video of your child, and you can be in it too, sharing how their Miracle Morning went for their 30-day challenge. And then you will win an autographed, we’ll do a drawing for everybody that submits a video, and I’ll send you an autographed copy of the Miracle Morning Art of Affirmations coloring book. Also, we’ll do an autographed copy of The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families, and I’ll send you an autographed copy of The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families Playbook, which basically is it’s either 7 or 9 activities that the McCarthys do with their family, that it’s very actionable. You fill it out as you go. I love it. Actually, I almost like the playbook as much, if not better, than the Miracle Morning for Parents and Families because it’s so actionable.

So, you’ll get all three of those books autographed by me and sent to you in the mail. So, make sure you include your mailing address in that email with your video. So, 30-second to 2-minute video. Elliott, you inspired this contest. Thank you so much.

Elliott Bostrack: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Will it be like one of these books, like this one?

Hal Elrod: I mean, we could do a copy of the new. Yeah. Okay. And Elliot’s just upping the stakes, and you’ll get a copy of The Miracle Morning, the Updated and Expanded edition also autographed. So, you get four books by submitting a video of your kids.

Elliott Bostrack: One of them was these.

Hal Elrod: Yeah. No, they’re going to get four. They’re getting four books now. All right, Elliott, you’re not allowed to throw anything else in there. We can’t afford anything else.

Elliott Bostrack: Okay. Okay. I had nothing planned.

Hal Elrod: All right. I love it. Well, hey, Elliott, you are an inspiration. Seriously, brother, you are a leader. I mean, I am so excited at the way you are leading right now other kids, leading for your family, and leading yourself. And, Carolyn, I’ve known you as a leader for many, many, many years. Thank you for being just leading by example and being such an incredible mom for your two boys and your daughter.

Carolyn Bostrack: Thank you, Hal. Thank you. Thank you for your message. You have completely with your message, right message, right messenger, completely changed the trajectory of our family’s life. So, thank you. Thank you.

Hal Elrod: Amen. You are so welcome. All right. Goal achievers, if you have a child and you want to do a 30-day Miracle Morning challenge with them, again, do the challenge. Don’t be perfect. And at the end, you’re just going to take a video of 30 seconds to two minutes and email it to and in the subject line, put #KidsMiracleMorningChallenge. And we will choose a winner and you will get four autographed books, The Miracle Morning Art of Affirmations coloring book, The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families, The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families Playbook, and thanks to Elliot’s addition, The New Miracle Morning, Updated and Expanded Edition. Goal achievers and members of the Miracle Morning community, I love you so much. Carolyn and Elliott, I love you both. And thank you all for being here today. And we will catch you next week. Take care.

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