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405: Lessons Learned from Reading Over 1,000 Personal Growth Books with Brian Johnson

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“Be the best version of you moment to moment to moment.”

Brian Johnson

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What was the first personal development book you ever read? How did it impact you? For me, it was How to Win Friends & Influence People when I was 19 years old. It introduced me to the concepts of personal growth and personal development. It kickstarted my first career and was the catalyst for my decision to dedicate myself to lifelong personal development.

My friend, Brian Johnson, embodies this at the highest level. He has read over 1,000 books related to philosophy and personal development. You may also remember Brian from The Miracle Morning Movie (he was the expert in the “Reading” scene), or you might know him as the creator of Philosopher’s Notes (where I first discovered him) or the founder of Optimize. Most recently, he is the founder and CEO of Heroic.

In this conversation, Brian and I share the most valuable lesson(s) we’ve learned from reading over 1,000 personal development books.


  • The book that changed Brian’s life when he was 21.
  • The single most valuable lesson that stands out more than any other from all the books Brian has read.
  • The value of what Brian calls “antifragile confidence” and why so many personal development junkies fail to make what they read part of their daily practice.
  • The value of living your life in 30-day challenges and installing habits that can run on autopilot.
  • How to get free access to 600 book summaries at


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