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383: How to Make ANY Day Your Best Day Ever

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The best day of your life is a state of mind. It's a daily decision to live in alignment with your values each day, and it is a daily declaration that today is the best day of your life.

Hal Elrod

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Let’s be honest, life can really suck sometimes. Life can be difficult. On our worst days, life can feel downright unbearable. So, how can we be happy and enjoy our lives, more often than not?

On last week’s podcast, we began to answer this question by exploring How to Make Every Moment the Best Moment of Your Life (in case you missed that episode, I highly recommend you listen to it here first before you dive into this one). 

This week, we’re picking up where last week left off. By evaluating what enabled me to go to bed the other night, feeling like I had lived my best day ever, I’ve found a repeatable formula you can use to create the best day of your life, on any given day. 

Today I’m sharing with you what I now do that enables me to make any day the best day of my life, why I do it, and how you can too.


  • Why the best day of your life exists in isolation and not in comparison to the other days you’ve lived. 
  • How to stop the things that are all but guaranteed to happen from ruining the best day of your life. (e.g. traffic, disappointments, difficult people, etc.) 
  • Why living in alignment with your values is the key to experiencing a feeling of total satisfaction, fulfillment, and contentment.
  • The common obstacles to living your best day and how to tackle them, one by one. 
  • The three-step formula for living the best day of your life. 


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1 Comment

  1. Raimundo Nonato da Costa on June 23, 2022 at 11:32 am

    Ola bom dia!
    Eu adquirir o livro o Milagre da Manha a 30 dias, estou colocando em pratica e ja estou me sentindo uma pessoa com um maior nivel de potencial e confiança bem acima dos dias anteriores.
    muita gratidao…

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