Achieve Goals When Struggling

346: How to Achieve Your Goals When You’re Struggling

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“We're always exactly where we need to be, experiencing what we need to experience in order to learn what we must learn to take the next step, to move in the direction that we need to go.”

Hal Elrod

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We all struggle. It’s part of life. Whether our struggle is due to a lack of clarity, a lack of confidence, feeling overwhelmed, stressed, frustrated or something else – struggle is an almost inevitable part of being human.  

So, how do we proceed to pursue and achieve our goals in the midst of the struggle? Whether your struggle is mental, emotional, physical, logistical, financial—or all of the above—you may find yourself asking, “What’s the most important thing for me to I do right now? Do I have what it takes? How can I pull this off?”

I’ve been experiencing all of the above as I’m working to launch The Miracle Morning Movie world premiere on 12/12/2020. When I sat down to record this podcast, I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, and this episode was born from my own attempt to transcend the struggles that I’m facing right now. 

Today, I want to help you understand what you’re struggling with, find clarity, and take on the challenges you need to face in order to succeed and achieve your goals.


  • How to determine exactly what you’re struggling with when you’re feeling overwhelmed.
  • When to take a breath, be at peace with where you are, and get out of your environment to calm yourself down.
  • How to use a daily goal review to encourage yourself, keep up your momentum, and stay active.
  • Why it’s so important to make progress every single day – and why that doesn’t mean working 80 hour weeks.


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Hal Elrod: Goal achievers, members of the Miracle Morning Community, hey, it's Hal Elrod. Welcome to today's podcast and thank you for being here. I really, really appreciate you and your time that you would spend some of it listening to me. So, I'll do my best to make sure you get a lot of value so that you're happy you did make that decision to listen. Today's topic of the podcast, How To Achieve Your Goals When You Are Struggling, this comes from personal experience. I'll get to that in a few minutes but, yeah, it comes from personal experience. We'll just say that. And when I say how to achieve your goals when you're struggling, struggling how? Well, there could be different reasons that you might be struggling, that might be different from me or somebody else. You may be struggling due to a lack of clarity. It could be a lack of confidence or a belief in yourself. Maybe you're working on some big goals or you're thinking about taking on some big goals that are outside the realm of what you've done before or are simply just challenging you, stretching you to your limits. And so, there may be a questioning, “Can I pull this off? Do I have what it takes? Is it going to work?”


You might also be struggling financially, right? That's one thing. How do you achieve goals when you're in scarcity mode and you're just trying to pay the bills? it's like I got all these goals I want to achieve but I need to pay the bills and that might actually be the most important goal right now for you is to generate income to pay the bills. Another way you might be struggling is logistically. You might not have all of the pieces in place that you need to achieve the goals you're working towards or the logistical challenge may just be that you're falling behind. You're not on track. And last but not least, you might be struggling mentally and emotionally. It could be feeling overwhelmed. It could be some of the other things that I already mentioned here in the last minute, which are different reasons that we might struggle, all of those take a toll on our mental and emotional well-being. So, that kind of they all culminate.


If you're struggling financially, you're struggling with lack of clarity, struggling with the lack of confidence, struggling logistically, then you're probably struggling mentally and emotionally because all of those things create stress, a feeling of overwhelm, and other mental and emotional challenges. So, whether you are feeling overwhelmed right now or maybe you're feeling afraid, all of these things can lead to fear, fear of I might not be able to reach my goal, I might not be able to pay the bills, so on and so forth and that can lead to hopelessness, right? Just this feeling of, “I feel hopeless. I don't know what to do. It's not working out the way that I had hoped or planned.” So, if you can relate to any or all of those and since achieving goals is a struggle for most of us, then you probably do relate to at least one of those, if not a few. And I can relate to all of them. In fact, if I look down the list that I have here, lack of clarity, I definitely can relate to that right now. In fact, before I go through the list, let me tell you where this came from today.


This morning, I woke up at 3:40 in the morning without an alarm clock. I just woke up at 3:40, same as yesterday, which was great. And when I wake up that early, I usually lay there and try to go back to sleep. And if I can't go back to sleep in 20 or 30 minutes, I'll get out of bed. So, yesterday I didn't go back to sleep, got out of bed at 4:06. This morning I got out of bed at 4:14 I think and I was feeling great this morning during my Miracle Morning. I was feeling great after Miracle Morning. I had a phenomenal start to the day. I love those extended Miracle Mornings as if you've had those, you probably can relate. And then I went into my office and I went from feeling great and calm and clear having come up with meditation, some reading, some journaling, some visualizing, read all of my SAVERS. Then I went into my office and I sat down with what felt like clarity, and what felt like calm. And then I spent the next two hours feeling overwhelmed and growing increasingly frustrated.


In fact, I had sat down to record an episode of the podcast but first I looked at my to-do list. I looked at all these emails. I quickly overwhelmed myself by seeing that I have more things to do at any given moment than I can possibly do. And so, after two hours feeling overwhelmed and getting increasingly frustrated, in fact, I think I even went out to the kitchen and I might have punched my refrigerator. No, there are no witnesses. I may or may not have kind of punched the refrigerator. But the reason for the overwhelm for me is that right now I have a ton going on and most of it is centered around preparing for the world premiere of The Miracle Morning Movie which is December 12, 2020. At least If everything goes according to plan, that's when it'll be. But there are so many moving parts that this is more complex than anything I've ever launched or released into the world before, you know, more than a book. I've never had to deal with so many different members of my team, which I've had to bring on new team members to try to launch this movie.


And then there's all these technical components and challenges. We're switching over from one email provider to another, which bad timing. We thought it'd be done in like a month or two and we're on three months now. It's not done. Anyway, I'm not trying to complain to you. I'm just saying there are so many decisions that I have to make right now and there's a lack of clarity because there is no clear option for a lot of these decisions. There's a lot of pros and cons that I'm having to weigh with each decision. You can ask my wife. I'm not a very decisive person. I'm very much, you know, when she asked, “Where do you want to go to dinner?” I'm like, "Wherever you want to go.” Getting dressed in the morning is tough for me because I don't know which shirt to wear, “I don't know, should I save this shirt for a better occasion? I don't know.” I struggle. So, I struggle with indecisiveness. So, anyway, I'm just sharing that so you have an idea of this personal example of kind of where I'm struggling on the path to achieving my goals.


And this morning, when I sat down to record the podcast, I was already in an overwhelmed, frustrated state and I didn't have a topic by the way. So, this topic was borne from the struggle. When I sat down to record the podcast I go, “Okay. I need an episode for next week. What should I record this podcast on?” I keep an ongoing list but my mind is just when you're stressed, it's hard to have clarity and I'm looking at the topics and my brain feels clouded and my brain feels a little foggy. And so, I asked myself, “What do people need right now? What do you need? You, the listeners of the Achieve Your Goals Podcast, what do you need?” And I thought, well, I'm struggling right now with my most important goal, my most important professional goal, which is the Miracle Morning Movie world premiere. I said I'm struggling with that but I've got to figure out how to achieve that goal even though I'm struggling. And I go in this morning, I'm struggling to record a podcast but I have to figure out how to record that podcast even though I'm struggling. And then I thought, “Hmm, I would imagine that the majority of people that listen to the podcast, the majority of people in the world that have goals they're trying to achieve are struggling in some way to achieve those goals.


Whether it's, again, lack of clarity, lack of confidence, struggling financially, struggling logistically, struggling mentally, and emotionally, any of that list that I provided earlier, whether you're feeling overwhelmed or afraid or hopeless or all of the above, achieving goals is a struggle but by definition, it rarely is easy. And thus, if it's not easy, there is some form of struggle involved. So, we're in this together. I thought, “Okay, I'm going to record a podcast and I'm going to spend about an hour asking myself what am I doing to achieve my goals even though I'm lacking clarity, confidence, and I've got some financial challenges right now with – it’s another story. The logistics of this are absolutely overwhelming and mentally and emotionally, I am feeling taxed. So, in the midst of all that, how am I able to achieve the goal of recording this podcast and then achieve the goal of the Miracle Morning Movie world premiere, so that you can be there to watch it with me and that's what we're going to talk about today. That's what we're going to talk about today.


So, if you are struggling, maybe you take a second, take a moment, pause this even to identify where are you struggling and it might be is it any of those five that I mentioned a few times here up until this point? The lack of clarity. Are you struggling with a lack of clarity around your goals? Maybe the lack of clarity might be around which goals to pursue or maybe you don't even have goals set right now. In fact, and if you don't, by the way, if you're struggling with the lack of clarity for your goals, in general, go back to the last episode that we recorded the podcast. Again, if you need help clarifying and setting your goals, the last Episode #345, you can find it at The title of that podcast was, I’m going off memory. I think it was How to Effectively Set and Achieve Goals with Jeff Woods. Jeff Woods is one of the most prolific trainers when it comes to goal setting and achieving. He's the vice president of The ONE Thing Company with billionaire Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.


Yeah. But lack of clarity, is that something you're struggling with? And if it's a lack of clarity, it could be a lack of clarity over the goals themselves. But it could also be a lack of clarity over the actions to get toward the goals. Like, for me personally, I know what the goal is on the Miracle Morning Movie world premiere. I know that's the goal, launch the world premiere on 12-12-2020 but the clarity for me, there's all these which CRM are we going to use, and then we had to decide between various tech platforms to launch the film. And then what else? I don't even want to, it gives me a headache to think about it, but there are so many moving pieces that for me, there's a lack of clarity, not in the goal but you probably are more likely to know the goal but maybe there's a lack of clarity in terms of the specific steps to achieve it. And sometimes, you might have the steps outlined on day one but then as you work toward the goal, curveballs are thrown at you that you weren't expecting and now your clarity gets a little muffled. You have to regain that clarity. So, is your struggle the lack of clarity? Is it the lack of confidence or the belief that you have what it takes to achieve the goal or that you have enough time to achieve the goal? That's one thing that I think adds to, for me, adds the stress as we get closer and closer and closer to 12-12-2020 and all of these moving pieces are not ready.


Like for example, the Miracle Morning movie website was supposed to be ready to go and sell tickets on October, actually, September 1st was the original date. And then we move into October 1st. Actually, finishing the movie, that's an important piece. Literally, the movie is just being uploaded right now to all these servers that it needs to be at. So, anyway, all these different pieces, where was I going with that? Oh, the belief that we can achieve the outcome, the goal by the deadline, that belief starts to wane a little bit when, as you get closer and closer to the deadline and you're not where you expect it to be. We've had to reset our calendar, our execution calendar over and over and over again as these moving pieces are not ready in time. And then financially, are there challenges there for you? Trying to achieve goals, big goals and dreams while you're also just trying to pay the bills logistically are the challenges and then mentally and emotionally.


So, take a moment to think, where do you have challenges right now? Because I want to help you, I don't want to say overcome the challenges. I guess I could say overcome but almost to transcend the challenges. And the difference being that the challenges will still be there. You won't overcome them necessarily, right? There will still be logistical challenges. There may still be financial challenges but you can transcend those challenges, which means you operate within above, below, around, and through the challenges. So, you don't overcome them. They don't go away. They're still there but you transcend them in that you are able to still move forward, make progress, and achieve your goals even in the midst of the challenges and when the goal is achieved, those challenges might still be present. So, how do you kind of have your cake and eat? No, that's not the best analogy, having your cake and eating it too, but how do you have the challenges and still achieve the goals. That’s a simple way of putting it.




Hal Elrod: Alright. So, I want to keep this relatively simple. So, here's how to achieve your goals even though or even while you are struggling. So, number one is you got to take a deep breath and be at peace with where you are. That's a really, really important first step is you've got to kind of clear the air, all of that, that stress, that voice in your head, the voice of whether it's the voice of self-doubt or the voice of overwhelm, whatever the voice is that caused me to kind of punch the refrigerator today. Whatever that voice is, it's like that it's not even a voice sometimes. It’s a feeling. It's like I have so much to do and not enough time to do it and there are so many pieces and there are so many people that I'm counting on or that I've got to work with, at least in my case, and my team is awesome, by the way. I've got the best team I could ever ask for. But today when I was having that stressful day and I actually could, I didn't finish the podcast. I thought, "All right. Forget it. I'm just going to do the podcast after lunch.”


I was trying to do it from 11 to 12 today. 12 o'clock hit, did not have the podcast figured out, and said, "Alright, I'll go think about it over lunch.” And it's interesting. It's interesting how this played out but I went to make my salad and I opened up a brand new hummus container. Again, I was feeling stressed and feeling overwhelmed, feeling tense and as I opened the new hummus container, I saw a sign on the wrapper under the lid and it simply said, "It's okay not to be okay.” Printed under the lid it said, "It's okay not to be okay.” And it's amazing the impact that had on me. I just took a deep breath and I reminded myself of what I already know, which is, I'm exactly where I need to be to do the next thing, to move in the direction that I want to go. And that's always true. We're always exactly where we need to be, experiencing what we need to experience in order to learn what we must learn to take the next step, to move in the direction that we need to go.


And sometimes what we learn is just what is that next step? And we do that by quieting our mind, by getting in a state of calm and then allowing ourselves to think clearly and access that clarity that's available to us at all times, but not when we're feeling overwhelmed, not when we're feeling stressed out, not when we're feeling frustrated. When you're in that emotional state, your brain kind of shuts down and you don't think clearly. We don't think clearly. I forgot who did the scientific study but essentially, when you got people in these high emotional states, they scored much lower on basic testing and the conclusion was that when emotion is high, intellect is low. The more emotionally charged that we are, the less effective we are, the less clear our thinking is. So, that's why I say the first step if you're struggling to achieve your goals because you're feeling overwhelmed, you have a lack of clarity, a lack of confidence, whatever your struggles and challenges are, the first step is to get yourself into a calm, resourceful, mental, and emotional state.


So, again, take a deep breath and be at peace with where you are. And remember that little sign under the bottom of my hummus container lid, that said it's okay not to be okay. You're exactly where you need to be right now to take that deep breath. And this isn't a one-time deep breath. This is a deep breath anytime you're feeling overwhelmed. And by the way, do what I did too. You've got to get out of your environment. You've got to go for a walk. You've got to get some sunshine, some fresh air. You at least got to go into another room. And what I find very helpful, little bonus tip is talk to yourself out loud. Talk to yourself out loud. In fact, when I was making my salad, I'm going, "Okay. Hal, what are you freaking out about? What are you stressing out about? Okay, you got a movie coming out. Great. You had a lot of steps to get there. Great. What are your choices? Take one step at a time. Don't get overwhelmed.” So, that talking out loud for me is a really effective form of self-coaching. And I don't know why but for whatever reason, it's much more difficult to self-coach myself, to self-coach in my own head. But when I talk out loud, there's something about hearing myself and I talk to myself, by the way.


It's funny. One of my close friends, Matt Recor, and you may have read the story in the Miracle Morning book but the first time I heard affirmations was Matt Recor talking out loud to himself really loudly and I thought he was talking to me across the hall. We were roommates and I went across the hall in our early-mid-20s and I go, “Matt, you're talking to me?” And it turned out he was in the shower shouting his affirmations and he got out. I go, “Why do you talk to yourself?” And he said, “Oh, it's just it's so much more effective. I'm able to shout with emotion and I'm able to gain a level of clarity when I talk out loud to myself that I don't gain when I'm stuck in my own head.” I thought, “Hm, interesting.” So, I've done it ever since.


So, again, first and foremost, to be able to achieve your goals when you're struggling is you've got to create a calm state of mind and regain your ability to think clearly so you can gain clarity as to what your next step is going to be. I'm giving you three tips here. Like I said, I want to keep this simple. I had a list of five at first and I kind of condensed them. I don't want to overwhelm you. Let's just keep this really simple. Step two, second thing is a daily goal review and self-encouragement or if you want to word it actionably, review your goals daily and engage in self-encouragement. Now like I said, if you don't have your goal set, go listen to the last episode of the podcast, Episode 345 with Jeff woods, but if you do have your goal set, if you do know what you're working towards, then the daily review and the self-encouragement is crucial. The daily review, of course, is just regaining clarity over what you're working towards and not just a review of the goals but a review of the action steps. Are you taking the action steps?


In fact, in that episode I did with Jeff Woods, he talks about starting with your one-year, three-year, five-year, even 10-year goals, big picture, and then you work that back to 12 months and then monthly, and then weekly, and then daily. What's the one thing that I need to do today right now that by doing such will make everything else easier or unnecessary? That's the question from The ONE Thing book. But point being that it's what is that next step? What is that next step? And that's the thing is overwhelm comes and I know this from experience, I know it from today, experience as recent as this morning, right? Overwhelm comes from looking at everything on your list and feeling or lying to yourself, telling yourself, lying to yourself saying, “I need to do this all. I need to get all this done.” Yeah. That may be true at some point but the only thing that's reality is this moment. The only thing that is reality is what is the next thing you can do? We can only effectively do one thing at a time.


And when we feel overwhelmed, that comes from looking at all the things that we need to do, all the steps that we need to take, and then not clarifying which step am I doing next? And knowing that by doing that next step, I'm going to gain a little momentum. I'm going to make some progress. I'm going to feel better. And you know this from experience, but this morning, until I took that time to take that deep breath and gain some calm and some clarity and be at peace with where I was because I wasn't feeling okay until I saw the hummus lid that said, "It's okay to not be okay.” I wasn't feeling okay. I was feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, fearful, even a little bit hopeless. And then once I took that deep breath and I gained that calm and clarity, then my intellect returned, then I was able to ask myself, pointed clear questions to direct my thinking in a proactive manner, not a fearful manner, fear of too many things to do and not enough time to do it, feeling hopeful, feeling stressed, feeling all of those emotions, overwhelmed because I was looking at how many things I needed to do without simply reminding myself, “Well, I can't do all these at once. I can only do one.”


And then asking myself with common clarity, "Well, which is the one? Which is the one thing I'm going to do next?” So, that by doing it, everything else will become easier or unnecessary. And thus, by the way, this podcast became the next thing and, well, I need to record a podcast. Okay. And I asked myself some more questions to gain some more clarity. What should I record the podcast on? Well, who's it for? It's not for me. It's for my listeners. Now, I do sometimes ask myself, of course, what am I going through right now or what am I learning or what am I achieving that would be a value, that may be a value for you? Of course, I'm guessing. It's my best guess but when I asked myself those questions, I thought, well, I'm struggling with my goals. It kind of came to me simultaneously. I'm struggling with my goals. I bet most people or a lot of people at some level are struggling in some way with their goals.


And sometimes even if you're achieving at a really high level, you end up gaining this sense of overconfidence and you end up taking on more which is probably why, well, maybe one of the reasons why right now I'm struggling because I was feeling so great, so confident, had so much clarity that I started saying yes, yes, yes, yes to way too many things. And sometimes that can be the greatest creator of struggle for anyone who's an achiever. When you are achieving at a high level, you start to gain this feeling of invincibility, unstoppability. And so, you start saying yes to everything and you end up taking on more than you can handle. In fact, I was talking to one of my good friends the other day, Justin Donald, and Justin Donald has a book coming out, The Lifestyle Investors. I'll have him on the podcast pretty soon and he just launched. So, Justin is a super achiever. He's brilliant. He's been very successful. He's a yes man. He says yes to everything.


And so, he said yes to a book deadline, recording and launching an online course, launching his first mastermind, and I think there's one or two other things, and recording these weekly calls for free to add value to his community. So, he said yes to all these things all at once and we went to lunch the other day and he was suffering. He was struggling. He’s like, "Oh, man, I've never…” He's like, “I don't remember the last time I was this overwhelmed with this many things I had to do.” Now, I mean, the good news is kind of like me like the movie, yeah, I'm excited about it. I want to release this to the world. I think this might be one of those life-changing movies ever. Maybe I'm biased but in the same way, Justin is excited about the book and the course and the mastermind and the weekly calls that he's doing for free, all of it. It doesn't mean though that it's not a struggle to be able to execute and deliver on all of these promises that we've made either to ourselves or to other people. So, struggle sometimes can come when you are at your best when you're achieving at the highest you normally would achieve.


So, again, number one, the first thing to do in order to achieve your goals when you're struggling is to take a deep breath and be at peace with where you are. Second thing is to review your goals daily, review your action steps daily, and engage in daily self-encouragement. For me, that's my affirmations. My affirmations remind me of who I am, what I'm committed to, what goals I'm committed to, what specific actions I'm going to take. They remind me that I am capable, that I am just as worthy, deserving, and capable of achieving everything that I want in my life as any other person on earth. And there's a lot more to them than that. That's kind of the foundation and those keep me mentally, emotionally, and logistically on point, and focused on what I need to do to get where I want to go no matter what's going on around me and even no matter what's going on inside of me. Of course, meaning if I'm experiencing those inner struggles, that stress and overwhelm, of fear, and all of those things, which human beings, we all experience that all of the time.


Then the third is make progress every day. Make progress every day. As simple as that sounds, it is absolutely crucial. And during those two hours this morning, I needed to be productive and I failed to make progress. Right now, I am making progress because one of the most important things I needed to do today was to record this podcast episode for you. And guess what, I feel energized because I'm making progress. And here's the crazy part, the list I was looking at this morning, which is what kind of prevented me from recording the podcast because I was so overwhelmed with all of the things on my to-do list that I need to get done, that those things still exist. So, think about that. Like right now I feel great because I'm making progress but I'm not getting all 10 things done on the list that I need to get done. Of course, I can't get them all done today but this morning, that's where the overwhelm came from because I was looking at the list, and my brain was going, "You need to get all this done,” and I wasn't intentionally asking myself which things need to get done, in which order since I can only do one at a time, is there anything I need to delegate? Because I wasn't thinking clearly. I was in a state of overwhelm. I was in a state of stress.


Again, when emotion is high, intellect is low. The more emotional you are, the less effective you are at making clear decisions which by the way, it's true even if positive emotion is high. You know, when positive emotion is high and, again, that's when we say yes to too many things. Yeah. So, make progress every day. If you read The Miracle Equation, that's one of the most recent books I've written, that and the Miracle Morning for Teachers, but The Miracle Equation, there's two decisions that will move your biggest goals from possible to probable to inevitable. The first decision is unwavering faith. The second decision is extraordinary effort, unwavering faith kind of goes back to the self-encouragement piece. Every day, my affirmations that reinforce my unwavering faith are phrased something along the lines of I am absolutely committed to doing everything in my power to achieve this _____, this outcome, this goal.


For the Miracle Morning movie to come out on 12-12-2020, that's the outcome I'm committed to no matter what. There is no other option. That's my self-encouragement. I reinforce my commitment that I will maintain unwavering faith to achieve that outcome and do everything in my power no matter what. There's no other option. And then the second decision, extraordinary effort. If you've read the book, I'm going to remind you, if you haven't, here's a crash course in extraordinary effort. That doesn't mean, the way I defined it in the book, it doesn't mean working 60 or 80 hours a week. I think that if you heard extraordinary effort, that might be your first go-to is like, “Oh, so like, yeah, work your butt off, like work really hard, work all day, every day long hours.” That's one way to define it but the way that I define it in the book is simply creating, defining a process, and doing at least one thing every day that moves you in the direction of your pre-determined goals, outcomes, miracles, whatever you want to call them. Doing one thing every day that ensures that you make progress on the most significant outcomes in your life, your biggest goals, your biggest dreams. So, that, for me, is extraordinary effort. It's more in one word if I had to define it, it is consistency. If you do one thing every day that moves you closer, and I'm not talking about checking off one thing off your to-do list like running to the grocery store, checking emails. I'm not referring to that type of progress. I'm talking about meaningful, measurable progress toward your most important goal, what I call in the book, your mission, your single most important goal.


Right now, my mission, professionally, is the world premiere of The Miracle Morning Movie on 12-12-2020. I'm very clear on that. I've got a lot of goals, a lot of other things I'm working towards, but that is the number one goal is the world premiere of The Miracle Morning Movie on 12-12-2020 and I just realized I'm saying that over and over. I'm not trying to advertise it. But actually, I should be. That would make sense. So, anyway, but the point is I'm clear that that is my mission. There is no question for me. Where was I going with that? Oh, so extraordinary effort is ensuring that I do at least one thing every day that creates meaningful, measurable progress toward that mission, that single outcome. So, this isn't about doing one thing every day that makes general progress in your life. Well, I did this one thing today that helped me with one area of my life, and then today I did one thing that helped me with another area of my life, and today I did one thing that helped me another area in my life. No. I'm talking about every day making daily progress toward your most significant goal aka your mission.


So, again, it's really important to be clear on that because we often trick ourselves into being busy over being productive. Being busy is checking things off your to-do list that aren't actually consequential towards your highest priority or highest priorities, your most important goals. So, don't be busy. I didn't say make progress being busy. I mean, make meaningful, measurable progress towards that number one outcome. So, I know I'm saying this over and over and over, but I want you to like this taped to be in your head. It's like when you hear a song over and over and you can't get out of your head, I want you to hear that every day. I want you to walk away today with these three simple areas of focus, these steps. First, take a deep breath and be at peace with where you are. Get yourself in a calm, cool, clear state. Go for a walk outside if you need to, get some sunshine, whatever stressful. If you're in a stressful environment, you've always got to move, go to another room, go outside, whatever.


But first step is to take that deep breath, get out of your current environment and be at peace with where you are. Second is review your goals daily and your action steps daily and engage in daily self-encouragement. Do your daily goal review, which for me includes reviewing the action steps and encouraging yourself through the use of affirmations or pounding your chest, whatever you need to do, whatever works for you. And then third, simply make progress every single day meaningful, measurable progress towards your single most important outcome in your life. This is the foundation and how even in the midst of struggle, if you do those three things, you can move from struggle to success, from struggle, struggling, feeling overwhelmed, feeling analysis by paralysis, which is what I was suffering from this morning to ultimately making meaningful progress so that every day you get to go to bed feeling good knowing I did it. I moved one step closer to the mission in my life.


What I've identified as the most important goal for me to achieve every day, I'm moving one step closer and that feels good and that creates mental, emotional, and logistical momentum that then has an impact, a ripple effect on all of your other goals because it puts you in a positive mental and emotional state and it creates an energy that spills over into your other goals. And when you are a productive person making meaningful, measurable progress, that productive person that you are being then impacts and exudes productivity in every other area of your life because, again, it’s who you’re being. You're being productive. And so, now you're able to go from that emotional state, which by the way, versus the frustrated, overwhelmed state means you're unproductive in all of your goals. But when you maintain these three areas of focus, these three steps, that calm mind, you're clear every day on what your goals are, what your action steps are, and you're encouraging yourself that you can and will achieve those. And then you're making that daily progress. Well, that's the you that you need to be to achieve every single goal that you ever set. So, there you go.


So, if you are struggling right now, which again like I said, we're all struggling in some way on our path to achieve our goals. I hope this is helpful for you. Also, you are not alone. You are not alone. If you are struggling, join the club. The majority of our world right now is struggling in some way. And like anything, you got to do the best with what you've got. So, whatever your struggles are, do the best with what you've got and you can transcend your challenges and struggles and achieve your goals no matter what, has gone on up until this point. You can't change the past but you can change everything else.




Hal Elrod: So, goal achievers, I love you. Thank you for listening to the podcast today. Appreciate you and is there anything else? Any announcements? I'm always bad on announcements. Well, I announced the movie like 17 times so that was a good one. Oh, we have a Miracle Morning Store coming out. This is really cool. We were actually working on this last year before I had like I think I told you guys I have like a nervous breakdown. I had a really tough time last year and we had a store being created and I just shut it down. I shut down everything. And then after I got off chemo a few months ago and I started to get my brain back and start thinking clearly, I reached out to Josh Eisenberg, who's one of our team members that I had let go on and I said, “Hey, if you are still up for doing the store, I'd love to create a Miracle Morning Store.” I've been envisioning that for 12 years, I think. Hey, good things come to those who don't give up on their ideas, their dreams.


But I don't know if it's up as of the release of this podcast because it's not up today, but it's supposed to be up in the next few days. But you can check it out I apologize in advance if it's not up yet because it's supposed to come up here in the next few days. But who knows? But you can check it out, And if it's not up, then it will be up soon and I will announce it as soon as it's officially up and running. It's cool. Miracle Morning shirts and pillows and coffee mugs and my dream was always to have like a Miracle Morning yoga mat and some other cool stuff but, yeah, all in good time. So, all right, I think that's it. I think that's all I got for you today. Again, I love you and appreciate you, everybody, that if you're listening to this, I don't take it lightly. Your time is extremely valuable and you could be doing anything right now with it. And the fact that you've chosen to listen today, I just hope that you got what you came here for if not more, and again, I appreciate you and I will talk to you next week. Take care!


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