Achieve Goals When Struggling

346: How to Achieve Your Goals When You’re Struggling

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“We're always exactly where we need to be, experiencing what we need to experience in order to learn what we must learn to take the next step, to move in the direction that we need to go.”

Hal Elrod

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We all struggle. It’s part of life. Whether our struggle is due to a lack of clarity, a lack of confidence, feeling overwhelmed, stressed, frustrated or something else – struggle is an almost inevitable part of being human.  

So, how do we proceed to pursue and achieve our goals in the midst of the struggle? Whether your struggle is mental, emotional, physical, logistical, financial—or all of the above—you may find yourself asking, “What’s the most important thing for me to I do right now? Do I have what it takes? How can I pull this off?”

I’ve been experiencing all of the above as I’m working to launch The Miracle Morning Movie world premiere on 12/12/2020. When I sat down to record this podcast, I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, and this episode was born from my own attempt to transcend the struggles that I’m facing right now. 

Today, I want to help you understand what you’re struggling with, find clarity, and take on the challenges you need to face in order to succeed and achieve your goals.


  • How to determine exactly what you’re struggling with when you’re feeling overwhelmed.
  • When to take a breath, be at peace with where you are, and get out of your environment to calm yourself down.
  • How to use a daily goal review to encourage yourself, keep up your momentum, and stay active.
  • Why it’s so important to make progress every single day – and why that doesn’t mean working 80 hour weeks.


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