376: How to Develop Confidence & Amplify Your Voice to Help Others with Brianna Greenspan

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How does one go from completely lacking confidence and not using their voice to being able to effectively inspire, lead, and influence others? How do you get over your fear of saying the wrong thing, or feeling unqualified? And how do you transform yourself, become fearless, and help others change their lives for the better?

Here to help me answer these questions is my good friend, Brianna Greenspan. Brianna and I first met when she hired me to be her life & business coach over 15 years ago. Now, she uses her voice to further the Miracle Morning mission, hosting the official Miracle Morning Clubhouse room for over 2,000 people each day (live from 8:00-10:00 a.m. Eastern time). She is also the co-creator of The Miracle Morning Art of Affirmations, a positive affirmation coloring book for adults and kids.

Today, Brianna joins the podcast to share the process she went through to conquer her fears of putting herself out there and sharing her message with the world. She talks about how you can model her transformation, develop confidence and amplify your voice to help others.


  • How Brianna conquered some tough health challenges to show up in her life like never before.
  • How Brianna used the Miracle Morning practice to unmute herself after decades of being a person who never raised her hand in class or spoke in public.
  • What Clubhouse is, how Brianna is using it to build a new side of the Miracle Morning community, and how it is transforming lives.
  • How Brianna has started Miracle Morning programs in schools across the world. 
  • How to use your voice to inspire fellow leaders and change the world at scale.
  • Steps you can take right now to start using your voice to share your message with the world. 
  • Why humanity needs individual personal leadership right now.


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One Response

  1. Hi Hal, I absolutely loved this podcast with Brianna! 😁 So much so that I listened to it twice in the one day (and I never do that)! It spoke about exactly what I needed to hear about unmuting myself and regaining confidence. 😍

    I have a question that I’d love to hear your thoughts about. After some years as a stay at home parent, I completed further study with the goal of starting my own business in the health field and sharing what I’ve learned to help others.

    I loved the work and at first was doing it fearlessly and intuitively. But over the past couple of years, that’s shifted as I’ve become aware of how litigious and rule-bound the world has become since I was younger. Listening to others’ stories, I’ve become afraid to take risks and speak from the heart because of all the legalities and liabilities and “unknown unknowns” out there. I’ve become anxious that there are so many ways you can break rules without even meaning to – potentially bringing consequences on yourself and your family. I wasn’t prepared for this aspect of becoming self-employed and I’m doubting myself.

    I wonder if you have any advice about how to develop confidence to overcome this kind of fear?

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