The Miracle Equation

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The Two Decisions that Move Your Biggest Goals from Possible…to Probable…to Inevitable.

You Are Only Two Decisions Away from Everything You Want


If you are a regular in the personal development world, you’ve already heard that anything is possible. Yet “possible”isn’t enough to get you out of bed in the morning fueled with the internal clarity and motivation to tackle your biggest dreams. With Hal Elrod’s next book— this book —he wanted to give you a proven process that would move your success from possible…to probable…to inevitable.

From making millions of dollars to overcoming life-threatening health challenges to achieving everything you’ve ever wanted, including simply being happy…there is one timeless, proven formula that the world’s top achievers, in all walks of life, have used for centuries to transcend their limitations and achieve extraordinary levels of success and fulfillment. The Miracle Equation is that formula. As you’ll learn, the Miracle Equation is deceptively simple in its explanation, but extremely rare in its execution. It consists of only two decisions: Unwavering Faith and Extraordinary Effort.

When we study the world’s most prolific achievers, innovators, philanthropists, athletes, and just about anyone who has made a significant contribution to the world, they did so by establishing and maintaining Unwavering Faith that they could, and then they put forth Extraordinary Effort until they did. This is not only possible for everyone, it is possible for you.

When you consistently maintain Unwavering Faith and put forth Extraordinary Effort over an extended period of time, you cannot fail. You may stumble. You might experience setbacks, but your success will ultimately move from possible…to probable… to inevitable.

Building off of Hal’s international bestseller, The Miracle Morning, this book breaks down the Miracle Equation that will take your personal and professional success to the next level.