Episode 291: Understanding How Intimacy Impacts ALL Areas of Your Life with Allana Pratt

When most people think of “intimacy” it’s usually related to physical affection, sex, or romance. However, intimacy impacts a lot more than that—it’s also crucial to effective parenting, entrepreneurship, and our relationships with ourselves. Few understand this better than intimacy expert Allana Pratt. She has served as a Guest Expert on The Jenny McCarthy Show, The Huffington […]

Episode 283: Why “Burning Your Boats” is Terrible Advice with Tim Grahl

According to legend, Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés issued a rather interesting order to his men as they began their conquest of the Aztec empire in 1519. The order was simple: Burn the boats. He wanted his men to realize that they had no opportunity to retreat, so they had to give this fight everything they had. […]

Episode 129: Being a Go-Giver | An Interview with Bob Burg

It is generally agreed upon that entrepreneurship is the engine that drives an economy upwards and is primarily responsible for its growth. However, one need not start one’s own business in order to be an entrepreneur. You can be entrepreneurial within a company setting (often called “intrapreneurs”) and you can lead from anywhere you happen […]

Episode 36: Interview with Peter Voogd | How to Become A Game Changer

What does it take to reach that next level in your life? What does it take to change the game? This episode of the podcast is an interview with my personal mastermind partner, Peter Voogd. Peter is a serial entrepreneur.  He’s dedicated himself to excellence in every area of life so he can better serve […]

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