Episode 228: How to Get More Out of Life with Chip Franks

It wasn’t very long ago that Chip Franks was taken out on a stretcher in the middle of a conference for entrepreneurs after just having a stroke. As his wife cried and his children were alone in their hotel room, one question consumed his mind: “Did I tell them everything I wanted to tell them?“ […]

Episode 175: Sales Success Habits That ALL of Us Need

I never used to think I was a “salesperson” until I realized we are all born with the ability to sell, and selling is a skill that benefits all of us. Think about it… As children, we were always trying to sell our parents on letting us eat candy, stay up late, have our friends […]

Episode 101: Steal the Show (Interview with Michael Port)

Speaking in front of large groups of people is one of the top phobias among people of all ages. But when you stop and really think about it, all speaking is public speaking (unless you’re just talking to yourself). Today I get the unique opportunity to talk to someone I really admire for his public […]

Episode 91: How to Quintuple Your Income (An Interview with Dana Malstaff)

In this episode we are continuing our eight week series featuring the real, measurable results from last year’s attendees of the Best Year Ever Blueprint live event. This week we’re talking to a guest who is not only a dedicated mother and wife but a writer, speaker, coach, business and content strategist, podcaster, brainstorm facilitator […]

Episode 86: Why Everyone Should Write a Book

“Every single one of us, at some level, has a responsibility to take our knowledge, our life experiences and transform them into a book that could help an infinite amount of people.” Have you ever read a book, one that inspired you or that you couldn’t put down, and thought “I wish I could do […]

Episode 80: Becoming Your Best (An Interview with Rob Shallenberger)

Author, former fighter pilot, and co-founder of Becoming Your Best, Rob Shallenberger is someone who appears to have always known his purpose in life. However, this is not entirely the case. Join author, speaker, and entrepreneur Hal Elrod as he interviews Rob on how he overcomes his own internal struggle with quitting and what he […]

Episode 79: The 50 Million Dollar Man (Interview with David Osborn)

Co-owner of the 20th largest real estate company in the United States with a net worth of 50 million, author of “Wealth Can’t Wait“, entrepreneur, and real estate mogul David Osborn has the mindset and tenacity to achieve his goals. Join author and entrepreneur Hal Elrod as he interviews David on how he continually achieves […]

Episode 70: Crowdfunding Your Goals (An Interview with Jeff Hays)

By now, most people have heard of Kickstarter campaigns and have a general idea of what crowdfunding means. Whether you’re someone who is a bit vague on the details or someone looking to start your own crowdfunding campaign, this podcast is for you. Join host Hal Elrod as he interviews the award-winning filmmaker and serial […]

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