Episode 134: How We Can All Choose to Be Happier [My Letter to Katie]

If you (or someone you know) are ready to be happier, this episode may be finding it’s way to you at just the right time. It also happens to be the first episode where I’ve ever actually read a letter to you, word-for-word. Please allow me to explain… As I was preparing for my next […]

Episode 132: Emotional Intelligence 3.0: Transforming Results through Relationships

*Click here to download the handout that accompanies this podcast episode. Did you know that emotions can be broken down, studied, measured, and improved? Having a mastery over and understanding of our emotions creates a little thing we like to call Emotional Intelligence, and today you’re in for a treat because we are providing you, […]

Episode 113: Freedom & Fulfillment (What I Wish I’d Known…)

This is another solo episode. This time we’ll talk about the advice you would give to your younger self. Then we’ll go one step further and project into your future, asking your future self what you would tell yourself – NOW. This podcast also gives my top 3 answers to the #1 question we recently […]

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