Hal's Podcast

This podcast will teach you to achieve your goals, and pursue a fulfilling lifestyle.

Hal's Podcast

This podcast will teach you to achieve your goals, and pursue a fulfilling lifestyle.



331: How to Make the Next 6 Months Your Best 6 Months

How has the first half of 2020 been for you so far? I know, I know – that’s a loaded question. When you and I were planning our goals for...

330: Your Mind’s Ability to Heal Your Body with Dr. Bernie Siegel

When I was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, my prognosis was extremely grim. I was given a 10 to 30% chance of surviving, which you could also say is a...

329: Special Father’s Day Podcast: 3 Things Every Dad Must Know with Jon Vroman

Happy Father’s Day to all of my fellow fathers and your families! Today’s podcast is for you.  Many of us dads tell ourselves that “family is our #1 priority” and...

Episode 328: The Realities of Racism and Elevating Consciousness with Preston Smiles

How do you feel about the current state of our world? Personally, I’ve got mixed feelings. On one hand, this is a crazy time in human history. People are dying,...

Episode 327: Why Your Personality Isn’t Permanent with Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Have you ever taken a personality assessment? You know, the Myers-Briggs, DISC, or Enneagram tests that are supposed to tell us about who we are and fit us neatly into...

Episode 326: Saving Humanity and the Planet with Dr. Zach Bush

If we lose our planet, the human race doesn’t survive. As a species, we are in the midst of a major extinction event, as our systems of food, housing, and...

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