#MMmovie Test Screening

The Miracle Morning Movie — LAUNCH TEAM — “Test Screening”



Thank you in advance for watching and providing your thoughtful feedback on The Miracle Morning documentary! :^)

Note: What you are about to watch is not the finished film. While this cut is about 95% of the way there, the purpose of this “test” screening is to get valuable feedback from you that we will incorporate into the final cut of the film.

Please be aware: 

  1. Limited Time: The following video is exclusively available for the #MMmovie Launch Team, and only for 48 hours—beginning the morning of Saturday, April 21 at approximately 10:00 a.m. (Central Standard Time). Please be sure to watch it within the 48-hour time frame, because this page and the screening will not be available afterward.
  2. Your Feedback: Directly below the video is a link to a Feedback Form for you to complete immediately after watching the full documentary. Please DO NOT click the link and look at the form until immediately after watching the full film. Why? Because seeing the questions ahead of time could distort your perspective while watching the film.

Okay, that covers it. Thank you again for your valuable feedback, and we hope you enjoy The Miracle Morning Movie! 

With love & gratitude,
– Hal

P.S. I encourage you to watch this “full screen” by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner of the video, below.

Test Screening Feedback Form

*Please Complete Immediately Following Your Screening of the Film