Episode 99: 5 Keys to Success From the Top 1% (An Interview with Christy Solar)

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“I thought you had to give up something to win at business. You can have both!”

Christy Solar

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Today’s guest has overcome some seemingly insurmountable odds to arrive where she is now. Christy Solar is in the top 1% of loan officers, not only in her company, but across the country. She is a beautiful soul and a brilliant business mind who, with the help of the Best Year Ever Blueprint, has realized that she can have it all.

In this episode, you will…

  • Hear all that Christy has accomplished since last year’s BYEB live event
  • Learn why it’s so important to act now and why you don’t have to wait to be successful
  • Discover that it’s not all about how much money you make, but it’s about the journey
  • Find out how you can choose happiness and positivity on a daily basis
  • Be inspired by Christy’s comeback after a recent stroke
  • Understand that surrounding yourself with positive people is the key to having it all
  • Learn that you can receive more through giving freely
  • Hear how Christy discovered meditation through the BYEB and how it has helped her


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