Episode 92: Go “Behind The Scenes” of the Best Year Ever Blueprint

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“Our lives are a product of the dialogue that we have, in our minds and with others.”

Jon Berghoff

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Do you want to change or improve aspects of your life, but struggle to make significant changes?

Today Hal Elrod and Jon Berghoff are taking you “Behind the Scenes” of the Best Year Ever [Blueprint] LIVE Experience to see how you can immediately apply the never-before-revealed secrets from the event to immediately begin creating profound changes in your life.

In this episode, learn how the following people (who are really no different than you) were able to achieve the following after attending last year’s BYEB event:
  • Tim Cornwell lost 42 pounds…
  • Christy Solar more than doubled her income…
  • Stephen Christopher increased his revenue by over 500%…
  • Nicole Keating launched her podcast and started writing her book…
  • And nearly every person who attended BYEB is now having their BEST. YEAR. EVER.

Hear Jon and Hal share how you can use the same strategies we’ll be leading people through at this year’s Best Year Ever [Blueprint] so that you don’t have to wait to attend the event to start seeing real results.

In this episode, you will:

  • Learn about the phenomenal success stories of several participants
  • Find out what made this event so transformative
  • Be introduced to the idea of experiential visualization
  • Understand the different types of transcendent purpose and how it affects your life and your goals
  • Discover the balance between your desire for success and altruism
  • Learn about the basic tenets of mindfulness, a practice heavily studied by researchers at Ivy League institutions

For this year’s event, we are doing something a little bit different. Rather than have you wait to get value, we are offering a Best Month Ever Challenge with daily accountability and community support. For more information, register for the Best Year Ever Blueprint. If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge, email us if you want to receive updates.

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