Episode 90: Destination Awesome (An Interview with Amiee Mueller)

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“You can have an awesome life no matter where you start, you just have to believe and do your part.”

Amiee Mueller

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Many people make excuses for why they aren’t successful and let their past define their future. Today’s guest defied all odds to lead a successful life of her own design. Join author and entrepreneur Hal Elrod as he interviews Amiee Mueller on how she transformed from poverty to profitability, from lonely to love able, and from angry to awesome.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Amiee rose from her circumstances and refused to settle for mediocrity
  • The importance of the connections you make with others
  • The benefits of aligning your choices with your goals and dreams
  • All about Amiee’s philosophy on purpose and service
  • How Amiee’s routines help her to stay focused on personal growth

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