episode 83

Episode 83: Becoming Your Best (An Interview with Rob Shallenberger)

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“If we want to see transformation, it starts with desire.”

Rob Shallenberger

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Author, former fighter pilot, and co-founder of Becoming Your Best, Rob Shallenberger is someone who appears to have always known his purpose in life. However, this is not entirely the case. Join author, speaker, and entrepreneur Hal Elrod as he interviews Rob on how he overcomes his own internal struggle with quitting and what he has learned from highly successful people on achieving goals.

After a successful year of wrestling in high school, Rob had the opportunity to compete at the state level. But rather than accept the challenge, he quit. Everyone has a story like this, where the little voice in your head tells you that your dreams are impossible and unattainable. Rob works to make sure that people recognize that the little voice they hear is exactly that: little. It’s not your reality.

In Rob’s book, Becoming Your Best, he outlines the twelve principles of highly successful people. In this episode, he lists the top three principles that will have the biggest impact on your life and business:

  1. Lead with a clear vision and manage with a plan
  2. Prioritize your time around your roles
  3. Apply the power of knowledge

Invest in yourself and use daily affirmations to clarify and redirect your desires towards achieving your goals. As a special offer to Achieve Your Goals podcast listeners, Rob is offering a coupon code to use towards his Breakthrough Leadership Retreat with discount code: HAL. With this code, you not only get $200 off but you can bring a friend for free!

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“Average people let their fear dictate what they do. Successful people let their commitments dictate what they do.”

Rob Shallenberger

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