episode 75

Episode 75: The 4 Phase Meditation (An Interview with Jesse Elder)

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“Only results matter. Theory doesn't work if it doesn't produce a measurable result.”

Jesse Elder

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In this episode of the podcast, author of The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod, interviews a man who will challenge and inspire you to start living and thinking in a way that honors the gifts you have to offer to this world: the self-mastery expert Jesse Elder. Rooted in his passion for martial arts, Jesse has expanded his influence by opening multiple martial art studios, creating the Mind Vitamin videos, founding the Upgraded Life, and creating Gamma based in Austin, Texas.

No stranger to adversity or failure, Jesse shares how his father’s incarceration taught him the importance of staying true to your own values (5:40) and he shares how he got his start in the world of martial arts (8:40) in spite of initial difficulties (12:00).

As someone who has been inspired by The Miracle Morning, Jesse offers his strategies for achieving goals (17:00), including the four phases of his specific brand of practical meditation:

  1. Presence
  2. Active Appreciation
  3. Pre-paving
  4. Allowing

Use practical meditation as a sort of cosmic Google and find a tremendous wealth of clarity by staying present and focused. Above all, remember that you do not have to do any of this alone. By joining groups and upgrading your social circle in alignment with your personal goals and values, you can have exponential returns on your efforts in self-improvement.

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