episode 67

Episode 67: The Secret To Happy Relationships

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“The last of man’s freedom is to choose one’s own attitudes in any given set of circumstances.”

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Take your relationships to the next level with Hal Elrod’s secret to having happier relationships. Whether it’s a coworker, a boss, a friend, a family member, or a romantic partner, learn to minimize the conflict and negativity in your life with these tips.

In life, every single person has two pages: one page is full of their good qualities and attributes, and the other is full of their undesirable qualities and fears. Each and every day, we have the ability and the opportunity to choose to focus on the good in our lives. If you aren’t the happiest person you know, that’s on you (5:55).

Using this lesson as a foundation, you can radically change the lens with which you view other people. By focusing 95-98% of your energy on their good qualities, you’ll find that you become more appreciative of your relationships.

While concentrating on people’s good qualities is usually beneficial, there are situations where a different approach is required. Learn the difference between maintenance friends and growth friends and know how to distinguish between the two (18:58).

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“We already have everything we could ever need to be the happiest person we could possibly be. We simply have to be present in every moment.”

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