Episode 140: Way Better than SMART Goals (Author Interview with Kris J. Simpson)

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“Set goals that challenge, scare, and stretch you.”

Hal Elrod

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You’re probably familiar with the popularized method of setting “S.M.A.R.T.” goals, but my guest today has improved upon this proven formula by teaching you how to make a “S.M.A.R.T. Shifts” which, as you’re about to learn, makes it easier for you to achieve your goals

It all begins with making Stupid, small steps, and implementing some simple accountability and rewards systems.

By building on your progress and efforts a little bit at a time, you’ll be able to reach your goals in no time without even breaking a sweat!

Listen to this episode to hear myself and Kris Simpson give advice on getting started, staying motivated, and taking steps to ensure success as you work to Achieve Your Goals!

In this episode, you will…

  • Get Kris’ unbeatable S-M-A-R-T Shift acronym for achieving goals…
  • Hear that sometimes shifting back is just as important as shifting forward…
  • Discover the most important step to making a change…
  • And much more…

In the episode, Kris also gives you a copy of his new book, All Inclusive Diet: Finding Balance & Keeping the Weight Off, so tune in for all the details on how you can get your copy, today!

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