Episode 135: Emotional Intelligence 3.0: Transforming Results through Relationships

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“The #1 job of a leader is to inspire.”

Jon Berghoff

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Did you know that emotions can be broken down, studied, measured, and improved? Having a mastery over and understanding of our emotions creates a little thing we like to call Emotional Intelligence, and today you’re in for a treat because we are providing you, our Achieve Your Goals listeners, the chance to listen to an entire module of our Best Year Ever Coaching Program…for free!

During this module, we talk about what the three types of intelligence are, the differences between them and how, unlike your IQ, emotional intelligence is something you can learn to develop.

The evidence is clear that improving your emotional intelligence will improve your job performance, your salary, and your relationships. Start improving your EQ with today’s episode—you’re sure to get a huge return on your investment. Plus, your friends, bosses, and partners will thank you!

In this episode, you will…

  • Discover and master the three categories of emotional intelligence
  • Hear how emotional intelligence earns you $29,000 more annually than the rest of us!
  • Understand the role emotions play and how they impact our life – positively and negatively
  • Realize that emotional intelligence is responsible for 58% of your job performance
  • Learn how emotional intelligence and social awareness are related, and how to master both!

Tune in to learn what emotional intelligence is, why it matters, and how to improve yours for big results, today!

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