Episode 127: Skating Through College (Author Interview with John “Izzy” Israel)

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If you know any college students (or if you are in college), I highly recommend sharing today’s episode with them.

This is a new interview I did with John ‘Izzy’ Israel, former semi-pro skateboarder, and author of the new book, Skating Through College: How to Pursue Your Passions and Make a Difference, Without Sacrificing Your GPA. We talk about the purpose of college beyond academics and how mentorship propelled him forward at important turning points in his life.

John’s goal in speaking at colleges and youth events is to inspire students to discover their gifts while pursuing their passions and being rock stars in the classroom.

In this episode, you will…

  • Hear us discuss the purpose of college as a platform for experiencing life
  • Discover how you can get paid to pursue your passions, while making money, and being a rock star in school
  • Uncover why surrounding yourself with achievers is key to your success
  • And much more…

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