Episode 126: Why One of Your Goals Should Be Fermentation (What?!)

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Hello, Achieve Your Goals listeners! Today we’re going to be shaking things up a bit by talking about sustainable living. Some of you might be excited about this news, and others of you might be skeptical. If you find yourself asking, “Hal, what does this have to do with achieving your goals?” Well, I’ll tell you.

Andrea and Charles Riggs from The Cultured Collective join us to share how food preparation, storage, and sourcing, directly correlates with our health, quality of life, and energy level. The more we nourish our bodies, the more energy we have to pursue our dreams and achieve our goals!

Tune in to learn more about positioning yourself for success by increasing your energy level, one meal at a time!

In this episode, you will…
• Hear why ‘rejuvenation’ is the new ‘sustainability’
• Discover the truth about bacteria and why 95% of it is good for us!
• Learn about the history of food preparation and storage
• Listen to statistics on quality/quantity of life today vs. 100 years ago
• Get actionable steps you can take to start changing your diet today

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