Co-Author Overview

Miracle Morning Book Series


Overview for Prospective Co-Authors

What began merely as a book has become a global movement, with millions of people in over 100 countries practicing the Miracle Morning each day, and continuously reporting profound personal and professional results.

The sustained momentum that continues to be created by the original book in the series, The Miracle Morningone of the highest rated and bestselling books on Amazon with over 9,000 reviews, over 2,700,000 copies sold, translated and published in 37 languages by the world’s top foreign publishers, and still averaging 5,000+ copies being sold each month—laid the groundwork for a significant opportunity to partner with qualified co-authors and develop The Miracle Morning Book Series, which has already become one of the most successful and profitable book series of all time.

What makes the Miracle Morning practice so universally effective is that it immediately changes readers’ behavior and quickly produces results, in whatever area(s) of life are important to them. It is common to hear of readers—in their first 30 days—losing weight, launching businesses, writing books, having more energy, producing the biggest income month in their career, and experiencing a renewed sense of happiness, passion, and purpose for their life.

Hal is currently developing partnerships with highly qualified co-authors to expand The Miracle Morning book series, by customizing and catering the practices taught in the original book, for various niches. Each co-author will be carefully selected and must meet specific criteria that will ensure he or she is the right fit to represent The Miracle Morning brand and book series, assist with marketing and promotion, and forever benefit from being a Miracle Morning Co-Author.

Who is our ideal Co-Author?


  • Morning ritual conviction: Has conviction in the life-changing benefits of having a powerful morning ritual.
  • Win-Win: Will significantly benefit personally, professionally, and financially from being a Co-author in The Miracle Morning Book Series.

Characteristics and Values

  • Integrity & Reputation: Has a track record of earning trust and maintaining confidences, and a reputation for having high integrity, both personally and professionally.
  • Generosity & Selflessness: Lives with a spirit of service and always looks to add value to the lives of others, and values doing what’s best for the greater good over what’s best for themselves.
  • Commitment & Responsibility: Follows through, doesn’t make excuses, and finds a way to get done what they said they will get done, by when they said they will get it done.

Professional Requirements:

  • Credibility: Is widely regarded and respected as an expert in their field.
  • Platform: Has a combined online platform (via email, social media, online networks, etc.) of 100,000+ loyal fans, and is committed to marketing and selling their book to their platform.

How do I benefit as a Miracle Morning Co-Author?

Royalties: Miracle Morning Co-authors earn a significant percentage (up to 50%) of the royalties across all platforms, which are on average 300-500% higher than paid by a traditional publisher. The royalties are paid across all platforms the book is published on, including but not limited to, paperback, Kindle, and audiobook.

  • Example: The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents earned over $90,000 in royalties its first year in print, and The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers earned over $100,000 in royalties its first year, which means that the portion paid to the co-authors exceeded $45,000 for each book—and that’s only the first year of a lifetime of ongoing royalties. Thus, the ROI for becoming a Miracle Morning Co-Author has proven to be exponential.

International Distribution & Royalties: While not guaranteed, four of the books in the Series have already been signed by traditional foreign publishers, garnering $5,000, $10,000 and $22,000 advances, each, plus ongoing royalties and expanded distribution in foreign countries.

Done-for-You Process: Miracle Morning Co-authors will have the choice of either following a simple step-by-step process and format to write their book (rather than creating a book from scratch) or hiring the services of one of our approved Miracle Morning ghostwriters.

Backend Profits: Miracle Morning Co-authors will receive bulk discount pricing (up to 75% off retail price) which gives Co-authors 75% profit margin for any books they sell directly (back-of-the-room, bulk orders, etc.).

Access to The Miracle Morning International Platform: With over 580,000 loyal email subscribers (and now growing by an average of 26,000+ new subscribers every month), 312,000+ members of The Miracle Morning Community (Facebook Group), 30,000+ Twitter followers, a combined 140,000+ FB “Fans” between fan pages, Miracle Morning Co-authors tap into the existing platform to promote their book and ensure that it is a bestseller.

Platform Building: Miracle Morning Co-Authors will be able to create a customized opt-in page to promote (similar to, which will give visitors 2 FREE chapters of their book, in exchange for each visitor’s name and email address. This enables each co-author to build a list of book buyers, in advance of the book’s publication date, to market their book to as soon as it’s available.

Coaching & Support: All Miracle Morning Co-authors work closely with the co-creator of The Miracle Morning Book Series, Strategic Book Coach Honorée Corder. The bestselling author of dozens of books, Honorée has sold over 800,000 of her own self-published books. As Hal’s partner in the Series, she helps to select each co-author. Then she provides one-on-one coaching (including writing advice, development of the Miracle Morning Book Launch & Marketing Plan, and on-going support), and coordinates the production of each of the books.

Added Credibility: In addition to adding another bestselling book to your resume, Miracle Morning Co-authors will be in the select group of people who can forever leverage The Miracle Morning brand.

What are the Co-Authors Responsibilities?

Co-Author Investment: The upfront investment to become a Miracle Morning Co-author is a one-time investment of $25,000, paid up front in one lump sum. This initial one-time investment in The Miracle Morning brand and platform has proven to result in an exponential ROI for the co-author, delivered through a lifetime of ongoing royalties, paid every month.

Shared Expenses: All standard book production expenses (editing, proofreading, graphic design, etc.)—which should not exceed $6,000—are shared amongst all co-authors, including Hal Elrod and Honorée Corder, based on and equal to their royalty percentage, and deducted from the first months’ royalties.

Writing: Using either an approved ghostwriter or following the step-by-step process that has been developed for each Miracle Morning Co-author, customize The Miracle Morning into The Miracle Morning for __________.

Timeline: Co-author must complete their book within 12 (twelve) months from signing date.

Marketing: Once the book writing process is nearing completion, the marketing activities will begin, following our step-by-step Miracle Morning Book Launch & Marketing Plan.

Admin: Co-authors are responsible for providing their own administrative support, as needed.

How do I become a Miracle Morning Co-Author?

1. Submit your application for review (unless you’ve been pre-approved by Hal Elrod).

2. If qualified, you will then be interviewed by Honorée Corder, co-creator of The Miracle Morning Book Series.

3. If selected, your documents will be executed, you will need to sign and submit a Miracle Morning Co-Author Agreement, as well as provide a check for your initial co-author investment, and then you will be able to schedule your first call with Honorée.


Can I use a ghostwriter? Yes, at your own expense. A team of ghostwriters has already been vetted and approved, for you to choose from, and we have a strong relationship with
Will I have direct access to Hal Elrod during this process? Yes. Although most of your support will come from Honorée Corder, if you feel that you need to connect with Hal directly, you will have the option to schedule one or more one-on-one calls with him, as needed.

Will I have access to The Miracle Morning Community [Facebook Group] for Research? Yes. With more than 100,000+ members from 100+ countries, The Miracle Morning Community is one of the most engaged online communities in the world. With support from Hal Elrod and THE MIRACLE MORNING Book Series Team, you’ll have access to survey and/or interview members or the community, to solicit valuable research and/or feedback that will support your book.